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Wear White After Labor Day

James Andrew at the United Nations

James Andrew at the United Nations

For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer (despite the fact that it officially draws to a close September 21st). Holidays end, a new season begins, and with this change comes a fairly arbitrary shift in wardrobe. To my mind though, when there are those lingering 80ºF days, it doesn’t make much sense to stick to traditional rules. I say, if it feels like summer, then dress for summer weather.

Of course my going against seasonal conventions is not without precedence. In fact, there were many legendary fashion and style icons who wore white whenever they wanted—Coco Chanel, for instance, always included white in her collections.

As we here at WIJW quite often like to say, rules are there to be broken. Don’t get me wrong, one does need to know the rules before breaking them, but we still encourage everyone to define their own style and do what seems right—you know I always do! We’ve got some oh so wintery white wool and cashmere coming up this fall and winter season, so keep an eye out!

On an exceptionally hot September day, I’m sporting a crisp Tom Ford era Gucci white linen jacket, brown and white cotton western shirt and python belt with silver double horse head buckle, jeans by J Brand, Gucci brown leather “Chelsea” boots (not shown) vintage brown silk pocket square, and my fragrance is Creed Bois de Cedrat.


  1. nick zantop says:

    Looks Fab. White is always in in my book, if worn right

  2. Dean Farris says:


    You look great as always!


  3. Francois says:

    Darling, well dressed like this you can save the world – it looks like it is still sunny and summer wheater in nyc

  4. danny says:

    Any particular reason for visiting the UN? Perhaps you’re planning a re-fit for Truman Capote’s place?

    X, danny

  5. little augury says:

    You are so right. White is everywhere all season. I love white jeans with a camel cashmere turtleneck-one of my winter staples.

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear PGT,

    Thank You!

    I often will wear your exact same combination- I love the mix of camel and white and cream- super chic!



  7. Leo says:

    Like it! No wait a minute…I love it!

  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Leo,

    You are so divine!

    Thank you for all your love and support!



  9. PEPA CHARLTON says:

    Dearest James, you look wonderful in those outfits.
    All of your friends from Spain miss you very much, it is a relief that we can follow you via your blogg.
    Big Kiss.

  10. James Andrew says:

    Querida Pepa,

    Thank You!

    I certainly miss Espana and all of you wonderful people there.

    I look forward to my next trip.



  11. Alan Korutos-Chatham de Bolivar says:

    I agree entirely James.
    Today I was wearing a seersucker suit, made-to-measure shirt (father’s) and Maggy Rouff silk tie, vintage pocket-square with a nautical motif and Douro Eau de Portugal by Penhaligon’s.
    Other favourite fragrances come from Creed ( Bois de cédrat is a first choice… ) and Caron…
    Needless to say, but I do, I love your site !
    Best regards,

  12. marco Aurelio says:

    Trés charmant!!!!

  13. James Andrew says:

    Dear Alan,

    I am loving the description of your outfit , fragrance et al, I can visualize your dandy self gracing the streets of Paris , leaving behind you a trace of sublime scent.



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