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War Horse at the Lincoln Center Theater

James Andrew at the Lincoln Center Theater

This past Memorial Day weekend provided us with the perfect opening to see War Horse at the fabulous Lincoln Center Theater. The date itself was quite fitting as well, considering War Horse pays tribute to the 8 million horses that died during World War I.

The essential story is that of a boy who joins the British cavalry after his father sells the boy’s beloved horse. Needless to say, both boy and horse together learn of the terrors of war. The horses are brilliantly portrayed through the use of beautifully crafted life sized theatrical puppets (it takes several puppeteers per horse) that move and gesture with an incredible attention to locomotive and expressive detail.

I’m unashamed to say that the visually stunning and emotionally stirring story had me in tears by the end of the play—it is a spectacular story of hope, courage and unfaltering faith. This is not to be missed. While one is in the area, why not have a pre or post dinner at the super chic Lincoln Restaurant—it’s a lovely place to set the mood, or perhaps decompress from an evening at the theater!

Dressed for the occasion, I’m sporting a Tom Ford “Spencer”sport jacket in tangerine silk linen basket weave,cotton shirt in blue cotton oxford melange with contrast white collar and saddle leather loafers, Charvet blue silk tie and retro print pocket square, Seaman Schepps pearl cuff links with pale blue sapphires Gucci python belt with silver double horse head buckle, pale gray wool pants from Paul Smith and my fragrance is Creed Imperial Millisime.

A special thanks must go to my friend, Euan Rellie who inspired my color choice for this outfit; when he married the lovely Lucy Sykes, he wore a pale blue waist coat and a tangerine necktie with his morning suit—I thought the effect was stunning!


  1. Linda says:

    James, you get more dashing with every event! Thought you were abroad?

  2. Dean says:

    James, WIJW,

    MAD for the tangerine darling!

    XXOO Dean

  3. Danny says:

    Is that you…Tony Randall? ….Ron Burgandy….?

    X, Danny

  4. Lola Montes says:

    Debe haber sido una experiencia inolvidable querido James!



  5. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Ich liebe Pferde, tut mir sehr leid dass so viele während des I. Weltkrieges gestorben sind…….



  6. Catalina de los Ríos says:

    Me encanta como te queda esa chaqueta…….

  7. Maria La Torre says:

    Me gustaría haber ido contigo! Se te ve fantástico de naranja!



  8. Nick Zantop says:

    Love the jacket James, really stands out, but not in a garish way. Very chic

  9. Love the colour combination of the jacket and tie! Very elegant!

  10. Euan Rellie says:

    You wore it better.

  11. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Du siehst sehr gut aus mein Lieber James! wunderschöne Jacke!

  12. Martina says:

    Hola James! Cada día me vuelvo más fanática de tu blog!

    un saludo desde México!


  13. Oonagh says:

    Amazing architecture, I did not realise the Lincoln Centre Theatre was so beautiful.

  14. James Andrew says:

    Querida Martina,

    Muchas Gracias!

    Busca para la revista – Junio “Casas y Gentes” hay una historia acerca de mi.



  15. James Andrew says:

    Hello Oonagh,

    The photo is actually taken at Avery Fisher Hall on my way to the Lincoln Center Theater.

    The whole of Lincoln Center is quite sublime.



  16. Cynthia Pappas says:

    So very Hermes!

  17. jon k says:

    love that coat, and those pants ? would love to get in those

  18. mel says:

    especially love those shoes! xo

  19. Oonagh says:

    Thank you James, am off to Google images of Avery Fisher Hall!
    Have a good weekend.

  20. Matt says:

    What a great addition to your colorful wardrobe!
    Mr Ford really suits you well.
    Feels like this jacket was especially made for you, it screams WIJW.

    Hugs Matt

  21. slim paley says:

    You look very snappy!
    I saw WarHorse in London last year and loved it! Isn’t it incredible how the horses actually appear to be breathing?!
    Such wonderfully inventive theatre.

  22. James Andrew says:

    Hello Slim Paley,

    The play was perfection – it really moved me and I actually did have a bit of a cry.



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