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Villard Houses

The architects McKim, Mead & White designed this spectacular neo-Italian Renaissance style building for the railroad power broker, Henry Villard. Built with a central courtyard under Villard’s direction, the building is actually comprised of six separate houses that integrate to give the impression of one grand palatial structure befitting of this Bavarian born self-made millionaire.

Thankfully many of the original details of these splendid houses can still be enjoyed as part of the Palace Hotel. Stopping to enjoy the fabulous courtyard, I’m wearing a chartreuse suede safari jacket by Gucci, retro floral print cotton voile shirt and a python belt with double horse head silver buckle both by Gucci, white skinny jeans by Diesel, tan leather tasseled loafers and brown leather and suede stachel also by Gucci, and Tom Ford sunglasses.


  1. Paul Pincus says:

    LOVE the white jeans. suede satchel is gorgeous!

  2. all the best says:

    James I love that you coordinate with the surroundings! We must catch up soon!

  3. Absolutely love your style…I have furniture showrooms that are very downtown, industrial and mix of rough and soft…any suggestions for my sales associates to dress the part. They do need a little help!

  4. Shane says:

    I stumbled across your blog, and have to say I love your taste! Now I’m dying to find a beautiful Kurta to wear with white skinny jeans to a party.

    I live in NY, any advice on where to find a Kurta like yours?

    Take care,


  5. D says:

    That is a truly beautiful shirt!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Hi Shane –

    Thanks so much for your inquiry. My fine Kurta was brought to me from India by a good friend – it may take some searching about to find something similar here in the US. Do a simple google search for Mens White Embroidered Kurta, and you will see several listed, though I can’t vouch for their quality.

    Good luck!


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