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The Viceroy Miami (part two)

James Andrew at the Viceroy Miami

James Andrew at the Viceroy Miami

As you might have gathered from yesterday’s post, I was quite taken by the Viceroy’s lobby, and I’m happy to say things just get better as one continues through the hotel – the hallways, elevator vestibules are all stunning and beautifully decorated in Wearstler’s signature high style.

We were shown a few room choices and opted for a Junior Suite, which is a bit of a misnomer as our room was really quite grand.

A fine East Asian watercolor crane placed above a supremely comfortable bed defines the elegance of the room, and a soothing palette of celadon with bold accents of black and teal, plucked from this work, spills out into the room and its accessories. I particularly love the velvety celedon carpet, and Wearstler’s fantastically eclectic selection of furniture. There is no shortage of natural light here, and delicate matchstick floor to ceiling shades diffuse the ever streaming Miami light in the most dreamy way, creating a welcome sense of warmth and privacy.

Marble Bathroom Floor

Marble floor detail.

I think special mention has to go to the palatial marble bathroom we were treated to with its very substantial shower and uncommonly deep tub – and yes I did have the most relaxing soak there! – Included an interesting detail of the marble floor – of course this is only one crazy beautiful sampling amongst the many many miles of marble you’ll find throughout the Viceroy.

I’m pictured seated in a Louis XV style chair upholstered in teal leather deciding whether to go to the Coconut Grove or perhaps to the Venetian swimming pool in Coral Gables – maybe a lie-down by the pool there would be the perfect place to further contemplate the many enticing options before me.

I’m wearing a Gucci black linen denim jacket with black suede elbow patches, gray and black silk polka dot pocket square and turquoise and white striped cotton shirt with contrast white collar and French cuffs both by Turnbull and Asser, Seaman Schepps turquoise cufflinks, white and black mini hounds tooth cotton and silk pants, black patent belt with silver leather trim and grommets – loafers in black, white and silver leather all by Gucci, KVA sunglasses on the table are by Oliver Peoples.


  1. Clark says:

    Absolutely TO DIE FOR!

  2. Louise Ellenborough says:

    Love your look!


  3. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Dear James,

    What an awesome place for vacation…….the painting gives the space a very elegant and exotic feeling. I also like the mirror wall and the black lamps…….and of course you are the best of the scene!

    Hugs from Brazil


  4. Mag Lisperger v. W. says:

    Everything is in complete harmony there, the lamps, the furniture, the bed looks very very comfortable. The shoes in combination to the white cuffs are just lovely and very elegant.

    Regards from Germany


  5. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Dear James,

    I´m back from vacation, I had a wondrous time…….I am happy to be here again relaxing at my french salon and reading your blog. I can´t wait to visit The Viceroy Miami on my next vacation.

    You look like a prince sitting in that Louis XV chair.



  6. Edie B. says:

    Mother says you are very conservative, she loves that, your classic natural elegance…….I have to feed the cats, can´t wait to read your next post…….


  7. Alexandra Rhys-Jones says:

    What a fabulous place James! You look really elegant!



  8. Terry Kerr says:

    Dear James,

    I was in a photographic safari in Africa, now I am back, I spent the whole night reading all the posts I-ve missed, simply brilliant!



  9. Dean says:

    Dear James,

    Very classy, very nice. I like the disparity between your fashion sense and your somber facial expression. You are very intellectual in your design sensibility, and obviously extremely intelligent and talented ! So interesting that you are in a KWID room on WIJW, when her book was one of your inspirations !
    Tres’ comme il faut as the french would say. DF *****

  10. The table- the painting- your sitting and crossed leg-the white cuff on your shirt. Perfection!

  11. pve says:

    This is an illustration waiting for me to draw it! (I love your air) of elegance and underlying wit.

  12. Dean says:

    J, love your pic on FB with KW !


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