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Tom Ford

Tom Ford has been a major fashion influence on me, and so it is no wonder that I love his interiors as well. The uber chic Tom Ford boutique really sums up my own aesthetic – luxurious modernist pieces, like furniture inspired by Dupre Lafon, set amongst some well chosen antiques.

Here I am basking in the beautiful Tom Ford boutique, wearing a black wool peaked lapel jacket by Gucci over a Tom Ford black and white cotton striped shirt, Seamen Schepps black pearl cuff links, Tom Ford black and white silk pocket square, plum silk paisley scarf by Gucci, plum skinny jeans by Diesel, Gucci silver chain link belt, YSL black “Windsor” loafers, and sunglasses by Dior.


  1. MaryBeth says:

    James, I have been lurking your site for a while now and today I had to comment. Tom Ford is one of my favorite men alive, I adore everything about him, so I am glad to hear he is also one of your influences, but onto you. Thanks for the daily update on your style. I can’t imagine wanting to know what some stranger in NY is wearing but I love it. Thanks for taking the time to share. MB

  2. James Andrew says:

    It is always nice to find people out there who share a similar passion for design and fashion. Thanks for stopping by whatisjameswearing.com, MB, and taking the time to post some of your thoughts. Feel free to write in anytime! JA

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