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To celebrate the opening of the first stand-alone Tom Ford boutique in London, Ford created a fabulous fragrance – aptly entitled, “London.” (very similar to what he did for his Beverly Hills boutique when he created Lavender Palm). “London” was designed to capture the dichotomy that exists there of “…tension between composure and carnality,” as Ford’s description goes, creating “elegance with a feral character.” Needless to say, I’m really fascinated by the concept of capturing the essence of a place in a fragrance.

The scent features top notes of saffron, black pepper, and coffee; a heart of incense, Egyptian geranium and jasmine; and base notes including Atlas cedarwood, Tonkin musk and Dominican Republic torchwood. I recently received a bottle of this super sophisticated scent and I’m just wild about it — it has a sultry smokiness to it, with an earthy undertone and floral heart. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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  1. La Contessa says:

    How enchanting that he “DESIGNED” a fragrance for a city!I adore that idea……..he really is a mover and a shaker!
    When I am in a department store I will STOP and take a sniff.Then I will feel I will know you just a wee bit better!

  2. Danny says:

    Oh James!

    London may be heaven, but even angels need to dream…

    Bring us some fantasy!
    Where is the post from poolside at the Raleigh…?
    I’m seeing Esther Williams, I’m seeing 1940’s Hollywood,
    The aroma of citrus,Neroli Portofino…. Or TF’s Lavender Palm….

    X, Danny

  3. When a man grows tired of London, he has grown tired of life… not sure who said that so famously.
    Bought some TF for Billy, but forgot which one it is…!

  4. WIJW says:

    Thank you lovely La Contessa, and to dashing and debonair Danny and Dean! Such beautiful comments!

    And rest assured, we’re putting together some tantalizing tidbits from our sunny sojourn!

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