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Thierry Despont

On Manhattan’s Upper East Side is the fabulous Edmund Safra synagogue by eminent French-born architect Thierry Despont. I am a huge fan of Mr. Despont’s work. The facade of the Safra building is clad in Jerusalem limestone quarried from the Judean hills, which was cut to measure before being transported to NYC. I love these monumental bronze doors, with their high relief “Tree of Life” motif, aptly symbolizing the link between heaven and earth, and the cabalistic path to enlightenment.

Taking a moment to be inspired, I am wearing a navy blue velvet jacket by Gucci over a yellow cashmere turtleneck sweater, white skinny jeans by Diesel, blue suede loafers by Gucci, black leather tote by Gucci, and glasses by Dior.


  1. Sascha says:

    Yellow and blue – the Rothschilds racing colours in front of the Safra Synagoge – quelle choix

  2. James Andrew says:

    Thank you Sascha for your comment – Of course color, as an element, transcends the secular and political realm. I have always used color for its purely emotional effect.

  3. Belcanto says:

    This door is a masterpiece !

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