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The Pleasures of the Pool

James Andrew, poolside.

Our super sophisticated friend’s heavenly Hamptons retreat is located on several glorious and secluded acres, providing the most sensational opportunity for some poolside fun—and few things are more refreshing than swimming au naturel with friends. I hope the nearby grazing deer were not too scandalized!

With our summer swim imminent, I’m sporting a straw hat with black grosgrain ribbon trim from India Hicks’ Sugar Mill, Gucci white cotton voile safari shirt, Tom Ford pink seersucker swim shorts, Louboutin sandal espadrilles in black leather, vintage Rolex watch, Gucci aviator style sunglasses and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.


  1. Dean says:

    Just adore a man in a hat!

  2. CD says:

    La joie de vivre

    Dear James,

    This sensual photograph reminded me of David Hockney’s famous sixties paintings that depict such themes as the swimming pool on its own and “beautiful California boys” swimming or posing for the artist in the context of the modern homes of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

    The blues and greens and neutrals of your stylish photograph run parallel to Hockney’s quite well-known “Sunbather” of 1966 that depicts a man lying next to a swimming pool, sunbathing au naturel. Like the domino effect, I am also reminded of Hockney’s “Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool” and “Nick Wilder,” both dated 1966. Despite various thematic shifts, even two other paintings executed by Hockney in 1967, “A Lawn Being Sprinkled” and Tate’s “A Bigger Splash” become cognitive surrogates of your well-conceived photograph.

    Happy late August!


    P.S. I think Tom Ford swim shorts are such excellent alternatives to the more popular swimwear I have, such as Orlebar Brown and Vilebrequin. Undoubtedly, once I acquire a pair of Tom Ford swimsuits, I will consider it to be de rigueur.

  3. Dean says:


    Alberts old cottage now has a pool…


  4. Brad says:

    Oh James, you and your au naturel swims.



  5. James Andrew says:


    Would you like to join me?



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