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The Perfect Scent

Good interior design should be all inclusive. Choosing the right fragrance for my interiors helps to create that total luxury experience. I like to use Diptyque(Paris) candles – their simplicity and natural yet modern herbal twist on classic scents infuse my rooms with the perfect olfactory notes, while providing an elegant/timeless glow. One can combine two different scented candles in a room to create a truly unique aroma.

Here at the new Diptyque boutique at 377 Bleeker St NYC, I am being seduced by a myriad of exotic scents. I am wearing a red leather motorcycle jacket by Gucci over a plum cashmere turtleneck sweater by Gucci, plum silk paisley scarf and grey wool flannel pants also Gucci, and black leather “Windsor” shoes by Yves Saint Laurent.


  1. andrew says:

    your the greatest…..love the information, as the world thru James….just fabulous-ness.
    i only use Baise…….

  2. Joseph says:

    James, just to keep you informed, my friends in Australia love your site.

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