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The Ocean Club

James Andrew at the Ocean Club

James Andrew at the Ocean Club

When at Lyford, a visit to the famous Ocean Club is a must. Once the private estate of A&P heir, Huntington Hartford II, the Ocean Club is now a world class hotel possessing the most spectacular gardens and boasting architecture by the legendary John L. Volk. You may remember the Ocean Club from in the critically acclaimed 2006 remake of Casino Royale, starring the oh so gorgeous Daniel Craig.

Do take a leisurely stroll through the Versailles inspired gardens while there and grab lunch at Dune. A Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant, Dune is perched atop a white sand beach with sublime ocean views and serves an innovative blend of French-Asian cuisine infused with touches of local herbs and Bahamian influences.

The Ocean Club gardens.

The Ocean Club gardens.

Blissed out (top) after the loveliest lunch, I’m sporting a Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, navy suede loafers and sunglasses, Uniqlo white slim jeans, pale blue linen cotton shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs by Simon, pearl and pale blue sapphire cufflinks, purple alligator belt with silver buckle by Ralph Lauren, pocket square in pale blue and white silk retro print by Charvet and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. jon k says:

    hello bond! they call me pussy!

    lovely as always, such a refined gent : )

  2. James Andrew says:

    Well hello jon k,

    I am sorry I did not have the pleasure of seeing you come out of the water in a white speedo.



  3. Leo says:

    Ok James, now I am officially insanely jealous.

    I’ve always had an ambition to go to the One and Only Ocean Club.

    I trust you stayed in one of the villas????


  4. Dean Farris says:

    Hi James,

    Did you know that John Volk also designed the Port Royal Beach Club
    here in Naples? It’s very low key, and Brooke and Mimi from Palm Beach decorated it.


  5. susanne van hecke says:

    Dashing as usual my friend! My husband and I started visiting the Ocean Club well over 18 years ago, and instantly found it enchanting. Back then it was a very well kept secret, there was no Atlantis, no tourist, and that stretch of beach was so tranquil. Having said that, as you know it still remains a world class intimate resort. We had dear friends that were married at the Volk gardens you show in the photo above, and it was simply exquisite.
    I’m sure that Mr. Hardford would of welcomed you James into his Estate back in the day with great pride and one can only image the stories your might of gathered over scotch and watching the sunset!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Susanne,

    That is fascinating! It is still quite amazing despite the nearby -Atlantis- one feels a sense of being in a very special place – we were only there for lunch- but I can imagine that a stay there would be quite sublime.

    I am so sorry my SF trip imploded but hope to connect soon.



  7. Brian Cook says:

    Love the shirt, James!!!

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