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Monumental Doors

Whenever I’m developing a new home or renovating an existing property I always insist on raising the door heights to at least eight feet. Large doorways can really enhance the sense of height in a room, creating the drama and touch of grandeur that are two of the James Andrew design trademarks. I’m dreaming of doing an interior where I can use monumental doors painted in an outrageous color like the turquoisey-blue ones featured here!

I’m wearing a navy velvet jacket by Gucci over a feather weight cashmere rugby shirt in pink and burgundy also by Gucci, navy and white silk polka dot pocket square by Battistoni, Hermes “blue jeans” blue leather belt with silver buckle, Diesel white skinny jeans and navy blue suede Gucci loafers with Gucci sunglasses.


  1. OK, are those doors REALLY that tall, or did you play a trick with Photo Shop?

    Or, we invent a new unit of measurement? Like, that door is 2-1/2 Jameses high? đŸ˜‰

  2. Belcanto says:

    Looks like bleu Majorelle

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