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Magnificent Cypresses

I often like to use scenic Japanese screens behind a sofa to create a rich focal point for a room. Recently I attended an exhibition of works by the artist Zeng Xiaojun at the chic Chinese Porcelain Company. Xiaojun’s ink works have great depth and intensity, and would make a brilliant statement in either a very modern or a high style traditional interior. The vigorous and wonderfully detailed work I am standing beside is a depiction of four magnificent two-thousand-year-old cypresses.

I am wearing a black and white pinstripe wool crepe suite by Gucci, lime green cotton shirt, and black patent silver leather with grommets belt, both by Gucci, lime green silk pocket square by Ralph Lauren, Seaman Schepps black pearl cufflinks, silver leather sneakers and glasses by Dior and the delightful Oliver at my feet.


  1. david says:

    wow! great site! mr peacock sent me your way via his blog.

    all the best!
    david john
    los angeles


  2. Matt says:

    Hi James,

    Love your blog and love it when people take an effort to dress up well, just as you do. Saw some great combinations.
    One remark, take off your sunglasses for the pics. You look so much nicer without them !

    Cheers – Matt

  3. I was married in a chartreuse/lime gown. So needless to say I very much fancy your bold green shirt. I think your silver Dior sneakers are fantastic. My husband was married in silver sneakers.

  4. Columnist says:

    I was a bit thrown by your reference to Japanese screens, but then I see you acknowledge the picture behind you is Chinese, and very pretty in its size and scape.

  5. Belcanto says:

    Perfect green

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