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Peccary Gloves in Dark Brown with Crochet & Lining Fort Belvedere

Peccary Gloves in Dark Brown with Crochet & Lining

I suppose many of us are a bit frantic trying to sort out the most wonderful gifts? Or perhaps one wants to look particularly natty at an upcoming holiday bash. Either way I’ve found some super chic items offered by our friends at the Gentleman’s Gazette. For the delicious dandy in your life—it’s the perfect antidote to not finding what one might be looking for, offering the kinds of requisite accessories a gentleman should never leave home without!

I personally had to have the Peccary Gloves in Dark brown (top). Fort Belvedere offers gloves that combine functional fit and comfort with the elegance of the bygone era. Choose from a small but highly select series of peccary gloves with classic colors and details. These gloves come with hand-crocheted Alpaca fourchettes (the area in between the fingers), and look stunningly different from all the other gloves you can usually buy, yet they remain truly classic.

A Fort Belvedere Navy and white window pane cashmere scarf (below) will provide just the right amount of pattern to add a bit of interest, luxury and warmth to any outfit.

Cashmere Scarf in Navy Blue with White Windowpane - Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Scarf in Navy Blue with White Windowpane

The perfect stocking stuffer for all my dandies, the Fort Belvedere boutonniere (below). I’m wildly crazy about the carnation and the orchid. So many of my most favorite style icons wore boutonniers; The Duke of Windsor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and the list goes on and on. Now, whenever possible, I will sport a fresh gardenia in my lapel…but when not readily available, one of these sublime silk beauties will do the trick rather nicely.

Pink Carnation Silk Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Fort Belvedere

Pink Carnation Silk Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower

The tie selection is also rather spectacular and, as you may know, I love knit ties. I could not resist this gorgeous green silk knit tie, which was another favorite of Gianni Agnelli and so many of my fav style icons.

Skinny Olive Green Silk with Beige Mottled Stripes Knit Tie - Fort Belvedere

Skinny Olive Green Silk with Beige Mottled Stripes Knit tie

I’ve had great fun on the site, finding so many perfect gifts and in the process rewarding myself for all my good efforts!

Why not have a sniff around at the Gentleman’s Gazette Shop and treat yourself to some of these treasures.

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  1. Hmmm… looks like haberdashery heaven!


  2. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    I just couldn’t help myself- there were so many fab things to select from!!!



  3. La Contessa says:

    NATTY, that is a new word for me!!!
    I like it!
    Love the pink silk boutonniere, I hope you made that purchase!!
    I was shopping yesterday and at the check out counter there sat a bottle of CREED……Gardenia and Jasmine I think.I sprayed and Immediately thought of YOU!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    Natty is such a terrific word- I love pulling out all of these seldom used yet rather marvelous words.

    I did indeed purchase the carnation and the orchid as well and the gloves,tie and scarf.

    Perhaps you will find some gorgeous gifts for your handsome boys on The Gentleman’s Gazette Shop.

    Gardenia and Jasmine what a sublime mix!!!

    Cheers and Many Thanks


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