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The Frick Collection Garden Party

James Andrew at the Frick.

James Andrew at the Frick. Photo by Lars Stephan.

We do feel compelled to interrupt our Amalfi series briefly to bring you a rather pressing reminder that the Frick Collection Garden Party is being held this Thursday the 15th of July 2010 from 6:30 to 9 PM. One of the most notable social events of the year, the FCGP grants guests rare access to the Fifth Avenue Garden – a truly dreamy place to mingle whilst plied with the most cooling cocktails and simmering summer jazz. And lest you feel this sounds all too decadent, you can take comfort in knowing that ticket proceeds will go to support the full range of programs at the Frick!

I’ve been busy this week gathering friends together to enjoy this celebration at New York City’s most beautiful cultural loci, and we’d love to see some of our WIJW readership there as well. Do put on that fabulous summer cocktail dress or your finest Gatsby inspired attire and come to this wonderful benefit.

I’m photographed here at the Frick surveying the Fifth Avenue garden in anticipation of the spectacular evening to come. I’m wearing a Tom Ford suit in a brown plaid linen, silk and cashmere, Turnbull and Asser shirt in turquoise cotton herringbone with contrast white collar and cuffs, Seaman Schepps precious turquoise cuff links, shoes, glasses and turquoise and brown silk pocket square by Tom Ford, my fragrance is Creed Windsor.


  1. Leo says:

    Loving this James!

  2. James Andrew says:


    As always- Thank You! for the amazing photograph!



  3. love the contrast between the pattern/colour of the suit and the turquoise shirt.

  4. Matt says:

    At last WIJW in a Tom Ford suit.
    Seen you so many times in seperates, but never a suit.
    Hope to see more of these, it’s a style that fits you well!

    Enjoy the Frick party later this week!

    Cheers Matt

  5. I love the posts from Italy! Definitely going to check out the Frick!

  6. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Was fuer einen wunderschönen Anzug! Du siehst super aus!


    Marie v S

  7. María La Torre says:

    Guapísimo como siempre y la foto maravillosa!



  8. Travis says:

    I adore it!

  9. Secret Admirer says:

    what can I do to look like you?

  10. Simpática says:

    love those glasses!

  11. DeanFarris says:

    Dear James,

    I would say, that of all of the fashion and design blogs, that yours is definitely the most fun, intelligent, and entertaining. The personal aspect of WIJW makes it very compelling… thanks for sharing your creative and beautiful life !

    Fan #1 Dean in Naples *****

  12. James Andrew says:


    I just wanted to thank you for all your incredible support and feedback!


    Thank You!


  13. James Andrew says:


    Tom Ford is rocking my world!



  14. Brian says:

    The shoes! Perfect, just perfect!

  15. Soren Romer says:

    That suit’s stunning! Nothing short of it!

  16. Matt says:

    I am so sure he is – lol!
    Ever tried pairing that suit with a bow tie?
    Thought a while back Jesse Tyler Ferguson was gracing the cover of OUT with such a dapper look.
    Would look good on you too!

  17. Simon says:


  18. Matt says:

    Hi James,
    How was this year’s edition?

  19. James Andrew says:

    Hi there Matt,

    Party was great fun- I have a attached a sneak preview for you




  20. Matt says:

    You look really cool in those summer whites!
    With a Mick & Bianca kind of attitude.
    Definately one of the better dressed gents.

    Some great pics in that bunch, loved that other male couple where one of them is also sporting a dapper white TF suit. Weren’t they the cutest 😉 So nice to see youngsters making an effort to dress up again!

    Thanks for sharing x

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