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The Exotic Bed

Indian inspired decorative elements can add that perfect touch of the exotic to any interior. Take for instance this “Furlow Indian Bone Bed” from John Rosselli– with its grand scale and elegant lines, it would absolutely MAKE a bedroom – and what a dreamy place to escape from the hustle bustle of our frenetic city life! I’ve often drawn upon the East for inspiration in my design work and find the style integrates well with most interiors.


Though I did get lots of looks on the city streets, my embroidered cotton voile kurta is a godsend in this India-like New York city summer sun – it’s easy to understand why this cooling design has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years! White skinny jeans are by Diesel, Gucci sunglasses and flip flops are woven fabric and leather.


  1. Mrs. Blandings says:

    You’d get lots of looks on a city street in Gap khakis and a Polo. Gorgeous, darling.

  2. Nicholas von Cutsem und Taxis says:

    Space-Age Merchant Ivory. I want to throw you on that bed and dust you with turmeric and corriander… N x

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