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The Dunmore School

Bahamian students at the Dunmore School with India Hicks and James Andrew.

We here at WIJW do extol the virtues of writing a better story for our lives. We’ve also mentioned that this effort mustn’t simply be some sort of external makeover – true beauty in fact is that which connects us to our better selves. To this end, the effort must invariably come from within!

In our own quest to improve on the picture we’re continually creating, we do encounter really great opportunities not only to connect with our “best selves,” but to help others to do the same. When we heard that India Hicks was running the London Marathon April 2010 to help raise money for The Dunmore School in Harbour Island, we saw just such an opportunity.

“The mission of the school is to instill a love of learning, community awareness, and leadership in young children. This is crucial on our small island where most families need financial assistance,” says Hicks who has been putting herself through some rather grueling training to prepare for the marathon. “During the relentless hours of running, with blistered feet, crippled knees, and compressed discs, I remind myself how my fund raising will help to move lives forward.”

A joyful run with India Hicks and Dunmore School students.

It goes without saying that we here at WIJW wish India well on her run, and we very much hope that you will show your support and well wishes by making a donation to the Dunmore School Foundation. 100% of the funds raised will go towards sponsoring Bahamian children in need.

A check can be made out to ‘The Dunmore School Foundation’ and can be mailed to:

The Dunmore School Foundation
6870- Sunrise Place
Coral Gables, FL 33133

Pictured at top, I’m happily being upstaged by India and some of the incredibly beautiful students you’ll be helping!


  1. Aww, such a nice story! I would have died to see you run with India, though 😛

  2. Dean says:

    Great James,

    Check’s in the mail.


  3. SQUI says:

    I like the dog running on the beach with everyone. I bet that was a lot of fun!

  4. Carol says:

    What wonderful photos, & such a great cause. Looking fabulous as always! C.x

  5. Rachel Lynde says:

    India has such a big heart, we need more people like her!

    best regards,


  6. Lola Montes says:

    Qué linda labor, me parece magnífico lo que India está haciendo para ayudar a estos niños! qué gran corazón!



  7. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Wie schön dass India sich um diese Kinder kümmert! Sehr schönes Foto von Euch zwei mit den Kindern!

    Liebste Grüsse aus Deutschland!


  8. Tom Cavendish says:

    Love the picture of India running with the students!

  9. Travis says:

    It´s beautiful that WIJW supports these children and let us know about it!

  10. Maria Paula says:

    hermosa labor, me gusta lo felices que se ven los niños, es bueno saber que hay personas como ustedes que se preocupan por ellos!


    Maria Paula

  11. Christian Fuchs says:

    It is lovely to see how happy the children look…….India is a very good woman, It´s nice to know that there are in the world persons like her!

  12. Maria La Torre says:

    Me encantan estos últimos posts, que bueno que en WIJW se encarguen de promocionar labores como esta, qué mejor que ayudar a los niños que lo necesitan, estoy muy orgullosa de tí James, India se ve magnífica!



  13. Pink Cinnamon says:

    lovely children…….India looks beautiful

  14. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Lieber James ich bin stolz auf Dich! Diese Kinder sehen so glücklich aus mit Euch zwei! India muss eine sehr gute Frau sein, sie ist nicht nur hübsch, sie scheint sehr lieb zu sein!

    Alles Gute,


  15. Simpática says:

    Me encanta, este blog cada día se pone mejor y además nos enseña a ser mejores personas!

  16. Eugenia Drummond says:

    I am proud of you my dear James, it´s really nice that WIJW helps to support the children of this school in Bahamas!

    best regards from Brazil


  17. Jerry Kraft says:

    Consider it done James. I will get a check out tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this with us all. The children are adorable. XO Jerry

  18. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Es ist so wichtig dass Kinder heutzutage geholfen werden…….es ist sehr schön was India macht, Ich hoffe sie bekommt sehr viel Geld für die Schule.

    Alles Gute und Liebe

    Marie FvS

  19. Maria Juana de Esquivel says:

    Bella labor la que hacen, ojalá y consigan reunir muchos fondos para estos niños.

    Cordiales Saludos,

    Maria Juana

  20. Sabrina Johnson says:

    It´s so nice from India to take care of these children, I am sure she will get lots of money for them!

  21. Great entry. Great cause.

  22. Abraham V. says:

    Lo máximo…. Excelente!

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