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The Duke of Decorating

James Andrew - Duke of Decorating

James Andrew - Duke of Decorating

One of my fantastic fans recently dubbed me “The Duke of Decorating,” and I have to say – I was tickled! Interior Design has been my life long passions and I’m so happy and blessed to be doing something that brings such joy. A well designed interior can really have a huge impact – soothing and nurturing frazzled souls. Not long ago I had a couple of very pleased clients tell me that when they moved back into their gorgeous Park Avenue apartment after a massive gut renovation and decoration, they felt like they were on Prozac! I really live to make this sort of difference. I’ve worked as a designer not only in New York City, but in London, Zurich, Los Angeles and even Bali – and while each job has a quite different set of specific requirements, fundamentally it’s all about creating spaces that enrich and elevate lives. So if I were to take a title, I’d be happy to be known as the Duke of Decorating!

Here I’m hailing a taxi cab to get me to a client meeting – feeling a bit “That girl” with the song “Native New Yorker” running through my head, I’m pairing an outrageous Gucci shearling jacket with amazing pops of color, shocking pink silk knit turtleneck sweater by Gucci, over sized silk paisley scarf in reds,brown, pinks and blues by Etro, purple skinny jeans by Diesel, red leather gloves by Sermoneta, brown leather “Chelsea” boots and brown suede and leather satchel both by Gucci and KVA sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.


  1. The ‘Prince of Paisley’ today Andrew!

  2. Such an exquisitely poised ‘Taxi!’ contrapposto has not been seen since 1983.

  3. Dean says:


    Looking tres’ Gstaad ! You’re the Taj Mahal, you’re cellophane ! I too love those glam songs about NYC… they give me goosebumps !

    Dean, Forida fan

  4. Aurelia Camargo says:

    The fan who told you that is right, you are a Duke!



  5. Adelaide says:

    it is magnificent the way you look while hailing the cab, I love it!

  6. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Hallo mein Lieber,

    Da hast Du total Recht eine gut dekorierte Wohnung ist etwas sehr besonders, dort kann man sich wohl fühlen, es passiert mir oft wenn ich zu Hause bin möchte ich nicht mehr raus! Duke auf Deutsch heisst Herzog, so jetzt bist Du Herzog James, kling schön oder?

    Herzliche Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  7. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    Please come and decorate my doll house! I think it´s too much pink in there…….



  8. Absolutely in Love says:

    You are much more than a Duke and you know it!

  9. lars stephan says:

    That pic is fab James, so New York.

  10. Edie B. says:

    Dear James,

    Please come and help us, we need lots of help, we need to create a nice interior, the cats and racoons are also waiting for you…….



  11. Freiin von Spiering says:

    This is the best shot of all! I love the way you look! I am sure many caps stopped!


    Marie F v S

  12. Maria La Torre says:

    Te ves espectacular James, y no es sólo tu aspecto sino tu actitud!



  13. Martin Doolittle says:

    You are so right, a well designed interior can have a huge impact, I need to hire you to decorate my new apartment!



  14. Pearl Hammond says:

    I want my home to be decorated by the Duke of Decorating!!!!!!!


  15. Monaco Girl says:

    Can you decorate the interior of my red Monaco too? white would be a nice color!

  16. Duchess of Decorating says:

    I´ve been looking for someone like you all my life long! Marry me!


    The Duchess of Decorating

  17. Lola Montes says:

    Creo que ésta es mi favorita de todas tus fotos James, te ves espectacular!

    te mando un beso


  18. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    I adore the way you look, I am sure your clients were impressed with your outfit!!!!!!!


    Baroness Mara

  19. Sabrina Johnson says:

    Your Royal Highness,

    Please decorate my Home!


  20. Yo soy elegante says:

    Te ves totalmente elegante James, he quedado totalmente hipnotizada!

  21. Hallo mein Schatz! says:

    Ich liebe wie Du aussiehst!!!!!!!

  22. Super Trooper says:

    James Andrew Duke of Decorating School of Interior Design!

  23. Pink Cinnamon says:


  24. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear Duke,

    I think this is my favorite picture of you…….!



  25. Vinicius says:

    Ohh my goodness, so “Stunning” xoxo

  26. Love it! Definitely brightening up a cold day in NY. I’ve got to get a pair of those jeans for sure.

  27. SQUI says:

    Love the title ‘DUKE of DECORATING’

  28. Suzy says:

    You look great! Is there any colour you can’t wear?

  29. Bruno says:

    WOW! This is definitely one of my favourite! Those colors are wonderful, I love the way you’re standing and your coat as well…so chic!

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