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The Decorative Carpet

A Decorative carpet is really like a painting for the floor, and helps to set the tone for a room. When I’m in the market for a carpet with character and personality I always head to Galerie Shabab. On a recent visit there I came across this fabulous Deco carpet with a beautiful Japanese scenic motif. The colors are fabulous – in a more traditional setting I would pull some of these really pale lavenders and corals and mix in some subtle patterns and stripes. In a more contemporary environment, I would make the room about the carpet, using it with a more neutral palette and a few pops of color taken from the carpet as accents.

I am wearing a modern Gianni Agnelli style mix of checks and plaid. Gucci black wool flannel peaked lapel jacket, dark green, white and black bold plaid cotton shirt, black and white wool houndstooth pants and silver chain link belt, Tom Ford black and white silk pocket square, dark green leather gloves by Sermoneta, and black leather “Windsor” loafers by Yves Saint Laurent.

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  1. Mr. Peacock says:

    Oh my gosh that deco carpet is breathtaking!!!
    It looks so modern too.

    And of course your modern mix is fantastic…
    the dark green leather gloves are brilliant!

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