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The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie’s

James Andrew at Christie's

James Andrew at Christie's - photo Gabriel Everett

What a tremendously uplifting and optimistic approach to life, and with such an iconic career as an actress, entrepreneur, humanitarian and AIDS activist, it’s clear that those expectations were fulfilled tenfold.

 The Prince of Whales Diamond Brooch once belonging to the Duchess of Windsor

Prince of Wales Brooch once belonging to the Duchess of Windsor - Diomonds of course!

Taylor celebrated life—certainly she loved opulent jewelry and colorful clothes! And with her already larger than life status, she could enjoy her things simply for their intrinsic beauty.

A collection of coral Jewelry

A collection of coral Jewelry

I had the great pleasure of having a private tour of the Elizabeth Taylor Collection at Christie’s, and I’m confident in saying that it rivals even the collection at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute!

A must see for anyone interested in over the top glamor and elegance, the exhibition serves as a tribute to living a spectacular life. I left the show feeling invigorated and very much looking forward to sharing some of its highlights with you here on WIJW.

Her Vuitton luggage tags read "MINE!"

Ideally one would really have to see the collection in person to fully appreciate it, but for those unable to attend, I can highly recommend the delicious lavender Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set which includes Taylor’s out of print book, My Love Affair with Jewelry, and a gorgeous Christie’s auction catalog. What’s more, with the purchase of this limited edition set, you’ll be participating in Taylor’s enduring altruistic legacy, since Christie’s is donating 100% of the profits of the set’s sales to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation!


Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set - photo Christie's Images Ltd. 2011

In homage to Elizabeth Taylor, I’m wearing (top) her signature color in the form of a lavender windowpane plaid tweed jacket by Tom Ford. In addition, I’m wearing a Gucci gray cashmere turtle neck sweater, gray flannel pants and black python “Playboy” loafers, wool challis scarf by Etro, and my fragrance is Creed Imperial Millesime.


  1. Dean says:

    Dear James and WIJW,

    What a fabulous post! So inspiring, and you look incredibly elegant in your portrait here. I own a copy of that book, and saw that the auction broke records on jewelry sales, at over 100 million dollars!
    Imagine knowing Elizabeth, what an experience that would have been! I’m sure she was a truly magical and elegant person. Great job on covering her and the jewels, love those caftans!


  2. quintessence says:

    Oh so jealous!! Never went to see but did watch a bit of the auction live on my computer last night!! So many beautiful pieces!!

  3. Linda says:

    What a terrific post, James. Our friend Kimberly went to a private viewing,
    and fancied a certain bracelet. I suggested that it would go MUCH higher
    than the auction house’s estimate. Remember the Jackie Kennedy auction at Sotheby’s some years ago?

    Check this out, we’ll finally be going live with it shortly, just checking names with Laura Whitmore.


  4. jules reid says:

    you take the cake. YOU look amazing! I LOVE the PUCCI scarf!
    so wonderful,
    XO Jules

  5. jon k says:

    my personal philosophy is that you look damn good!

  6. Dean Farris says:

    WIJW is “something wonderful”!

  7. Annabella says:

    You took something that is all over the news and with your keen editorial eye made your post so personal and beautiful for us to enjoy!

    I also love the way you thoughtfully and elegantly styled yourself in a salute to Dame Elziabeth. Surely she too would be pleased!

    Thank you James!


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