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Susanna Salk

Much of my aesthetic inspiration comes from all the books I have read and collected over the years, and so I was quite thrilled to go to a book signing by the brilliant author and style maven, Susanna Salk.

Salk’s book, Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style, is a true testament to an enduring legacy. Her most recent work, Weekend Retreats, invites us to wander through some of the most wonderful homes and private sanctuaries. These are two must reads for anyone wanting to expand their style vocabulary.

Like CZ guest, Babe Paley, and Slim Keith, Salk not only defines effortless style, but embodies it. At the risk of going on a bit, I hope you will forgive me a quote from Truman Capote:

“It may be that the enduring swan glides upon waters of liquefied lucre; but that cannot account for the creature herself – her talent, like all talent, is composed of unpurchasable substances. For a swan is invariably the result of adherence to some aesthetic system of thought, a code transposed into a self-portrait; what we see is the imaginary portrait precisely projected.”

Susanna Salk and James Andrew

Susanna Salk and James Andrew

Here I’m at the divine David Duncan gallery with the very beautiful glamazon Susanna Salk. I’m wearing a navy cotton pique jacket by Gucci, turquoise silk pocket square by Charvet Paris, Turnbull and Asser shirt in navy cotton with contrast white collar and cuffs, Seaman Schepps cufflinks in precious turquoise and white gold, medallion print pant in turquoise, aqua, and navy by Gucci, Hermes “Blue jeans” leather belt with silver buckle, navy blue leather captoe slip on shoes by Gucci.

Susanna says she was inspired by our First Lady and the chic floral dresses she wears – off the rack but custom tailored – and her bracelet cuffs are vintage.


  1. all the best says:

    Love it! Yea I’ve started a trend. You both look fabulous!

  2. Susanna Salk says:

    Thank you James!
    Your writing is divine and Capote would be flattered as am I!

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