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Strong Boalt, Palm Beach

Strong Boalt swim trunks.

Strong Boalt board shorts.

While we’re on the subject of Palm Beach, I thought this would be the perfect time to mention my friend Amanda Strong Boalt’s spectacular line of men’s swim trunks and board shorts.

Strong Boalt, originally from Palm Beach, spent eight years in New York City working at our mutual alma mater, Ralph Lauren. “It was like attending an Ivy League fashion school,” explains Strong Boalt, (you may recall yours truly spent his early days working with Ralph Lauren as well, and I can wholeheartedly agree with Strong Boalt’s assessment!).

With some inspiration from her grandmother, Lilly Pulitzer, Srong Boalt wanted to focus on resort-wear, and felt the market needed “…a new option for bathing attire.” Armed with this idea, she returned to Palm Beach to build her business.

Strong Boalt tells us her current collection was created in collaboration with artists Sunny and Kai from London, (they’ve designed prints for Alexander McQueen as well). “Each season the prints feel new and different, they’re the prints that feel exciting and good to me at the moment.”

Infused with her love for the “…unique Palm Beach sensibility,” Strong Boalt’s swim trunks and board shorts have a tailored fit and are the perfect length; not too short or too long, perfectly classic and sexy!

Strong Boalt swim trunks.

Strong Boalt board shorts.

Do visit the Strong Boalt website.

And ladies, stay tuned, the Strong Boalt line will soon be expanded to include women’s and children’s swim wear in 2013.

I, myself, picked up “Sharks in Shallow Water” and “Fan Palms in Sunshine and Shade” board shorts, and am now feeling well equipped for our June holiday in Capri and Ischia! We’ll be sure to wear these for you in situ then!


  1. These are marvelous, and a well-needed alternative to Vilbrequin trunks, which I have a boatload of. Must see about these to add to the swimtrunk collection…

  2. Dean says:


    I really like these, being a full time resident of South Florida, I often wear them as a pair of shorts, if I am not going anywhere “special”. Your upcoming trip sounds so madly wonderful, I do hope that you and Scott enjoy your time there!


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