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Spring/Summer Must Have
Hadleigh Slippers

The Hadleigh Slipper.

I’ve noticed some buds and blooms here and there—hints that Spring is in the air! Before you know it, Summer will be upon us as well.

Of course I’ve already scouted much of what I want for the upcoming season, and thanks to the keen eye of our dear friend Brian Cook, brand ambassador for Hadleigh Bespoke clothing, we’ll be lounging about in these super chic gingham slippers.

A cross between a smart evening attire pump and a comfy leisure class slipper, these are the perfect alternative for day wear—plush and pomp combined! Hadleigh Bespoke is offering this most fantastically fresh take on the slipper for both men and women. If these have caught your eye, I’d suggest getting on the horn or keyboard to contact Cook and secure yours before they are gone. Call 214.770.4743 or write to brian@hadleighsbespoke.com

Hadleigh Bespoke, clothiers who celebrate the bespoke lifestyle through the creation of personalized, individually tailored apparel and accessories of the very highest quality.


  1. Dean says:

    Dear James and WIJW,

    That’s a SHOE! Perfect for Summer…love that shade of blue!

    Dean Farris

  2. Brian J Cook says:

    Wonderful, James!! Thank you so much! You should have your slippers very soon.


  3. James Andrew says:


    Thank You!

    These are just so terrific, I can’t wait to rock them out.



  4. Christian Fuchs says:

    Can’t wait to have them!

  5. Love the shoes! Would look great with white pants, navy shirt, and white and navy WIDE Striped tie, also a straw fedora hat.

    Wonderful worn at a garden party in the Berkshires, or North-West Connecticut. ALSO great for STOMPING divits at Saratoga Polo during half time.

  6. I have been a fan of Hadleighs for quite sometime. I am hoping get to Dallas very soon.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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