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Spring/Summer 2009 Must-Haves

Spring and Summer 2009 are coming soon! As usual I started considering these new wardrobe seasons back in November when I went to the trunk shows. Now my selections are starting to arrive and I am on the hunt for fine pieces to complete my look.

I love this gorgeous aqua cotton suite by Gucci. Aqua is one of the colors I am excited about for Spring and Summer. I love the idea of pairing this with brown and white plaid and checks with contrast white collars from Tom Ford, I could also see this going well with purple and white stripes and even with pale gray.

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  1. madangel says:

    Have to say I like the idea of purple and white stripes better than the brown plaid check thing, but that’s just me. I like purple better than brown. đŸ˜‰

    Am thinking, I have a few skeins of this gorgeous 50/50 silk/rayon blend that would make a dashing accent scarf of some sort, maybe tucked under the collar? The rayon came out more or less the same color as the jacket, while the silk just devoured the dye and came out vivid peacock teal. Trouble is, I don’t think the yarn is a delicate enough gauge to make a good spring/summer accessory. Well…it makes a dynamite kerchief, but I don’t think you want to push fashion boundaries THAT far. đŸ˜‰

    Nice choice of color. I can see you in this!


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