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Spring Looks

It is officially Spring! I love this time of year for the sense of re-birth and possibility that abounds.

The calls are coming in and fabulous new projects are afoot. I’m looking forward to blogging some of these new projects in the coming months. A television version of WIJW on a major network is looking very promising as well!

Transition to a Spring wardrobe can be somewhat challenging – the weather is still pretty chilly and unpredictable. In early Spring I start to retire the tweeds and go for wool flannels. It is also the perfect time to break out those leather and suede pieces – I pair them with cashmere to keep me warm. My colors shift as well, moving more toward brights and pastels to welcome the change in season.

Enjoying Madison Square Park on a crisp early Spring afternoon, my transitional look includes a fantastic pieced suede jacket with a pale blue cashmere turtleneck, beige wool flannel pants, and a brown leather and suede satchel all by Gucci, pale blue peccary gloves by Sermoneta, and Tom Ford sunglasses.


  1. Jason says:

    Great site!!!!

  2. Wendy Chao says:

    This looks great for days when the sun is bright, but the air is still chilly.

  3. Paul Pincus says:

    so much perfection! i love the pale blue cashmere … the pale blue peccary gloves … the beige wool flannel!

    too fantastic!

  4. Princess Caroline of Monaco says:

    Hmmmm! You have SO looked at my late mother Princess Grace for your inspiration – cool, elegant, paired down and classic. Robin’s egg and Conker – her favourite combination. I will have to revise my own wardrobe now that you have reminded me of her unique style. i might have to kill myself now…
    Princess Cazza of Monaco

  5. Jonas Smith says:

    I love the peccary leather gloves!!! i bought it in http://www.iliari.com

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