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Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

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I’ve had the great fortune to have enjoyed several luncheons at Templeton, the home of the legendary style icon C. Z. Guest—she always made the most fantastic food, (much of it actually grown in her garden) and it was always presented, of course, with the most marvelous assortment of dinnerware.

Thankfully culinary acumen runs in the Guest family; witness her daughter Cornelia Guest and her most delightfully entertaining culinary book entitled “Simple Pleasures.”

With Templeton as backdrop, this gorgeously photographed book showcases a vegan menu presented with a truly exquisite and understated elegance. Sensibly organized by season, its recipes utilize organic, non-processed, “cruelty-free” ingredients, producing dishes that are great looking, great tasting, and great for you! Guest’s simple equation: food=health.

As you know we here at WIJW love the “total experience,” and what better way to share this experience than through healthy food served beautifully. Needless to say we think you’ll be as inspired as we are by Guest’s “Simple Pleasures.”


Cornelia Guest- photo BruceWeber


  1. Dean says:


    It all looks so yummy. Can’t wait to get this book! Cornelia is a jewel, and a very nice person. We had fun in Southampton years ago. Great post on a great book and a great lady!


  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Cornelia’s new book is a dream!

    A modern day version of C Z Guest’s 5 Seasons of Gardening.

    A must add to your library!



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