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Sebastian + Barquet

James Andrew at Sebastian + Barquet. Photo by Thorsten Roth

As an interior designer I’m constantly looking for the most spectacular pieces to definitively set my interiors apart from the rest, and one of my favorite go-to places for just such pieces is the Sebastian + Barquet Gallery. Here you’ll find museum caliber creations by such major modern masters as Gio Ponti, Jean Prouve, and Charlotte Perrinand just to name a few of my favorites, and all is displayed to utmost effect in the super chic Enrique Norton designed S + B Chelsea gallery and showroom.

James Andrew at Sebastian + Barquet. Photo by Thorsten Roth.

I’m particularly enamored with the sculptural “Chicago” chair by Krueck & Sexton in mirrored stainless steel – clearly taking some of its material cues from the likes of the Mies van der Rohe Lake Shore Drive buildings which Kreuck & Sexton recently restored, the design’s undeniable formal elegance belies a chair that is also quite comfortable as well – it’s equally chair and sculpture. I could see this piece contrasting nicely in a traditional architectural setting for one of my trademark classic minimalist interior.

James Andrew at Sebastian + Barquet. Photo by Thorsten Roth.

Both this exquisite chair and the beautiful Sebastian + Barquet showroom provided our photographer extraordinaire Thorsten Roth with the most perfect future-past environ to produce the scintillating images we have here today. Whether he is photographing celebrities, artists, socialites, etc. – making portraits or producing editorial magazine work – he manages to imbue all with a distinct vision that is at once highly stylized and at the same time, hugely energetic – perfectly capturing the dynamic, sometimes frenetic, quality that life presents us with today, while hinting at the possibility of a gleaming escapist (but thoroughly workable) future just around the bend. For more fine images from Roth, please do have a visit to his site!

For our Sebastian + Barquet showroom shoot, I’m wearing a black linen denim jacket with suede elbow patches, black and white silk hounds tooth pants and silver chain link belt all by Gucci, bottle green micro check shirt with contrast white collar and french cuffs by Turnbull and Asser, Charvet green and white silk retro print pocket square, Seaman Schepps gray pearl cuff links, Tom Ford black and saddle leather loafers, sunglasses are by Lanvin and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.

Photos by Thorsten Roth.
Hair and make up by Andrew Sotomayor.


  1. Brian Cook says:

    Love this!!!!!!! I love how your clothes always coordinate with your surroundings……… It’s unreal!


  2. jon stone says:

    James, James, James, Love this chic ensemble- B. and I love how your looks coordinate with whereever you are. Alot of thought obviously goes into your wardrobing!! Keep the inspiration up!! cheers đŸ™‚

  3. These photos are phenomenal! Thanks for the info on Sebastian + Barquet!

  4. K. A. Adams says:

    Great pics ! And you look smashing too

  5. DeanFarris says:


    I watched Rachel Zoe last night, and thought of you. Perhaps your agent could get a spot for you on her show ? How exciting ! Keep up the great work.

    Dean Farris *****

  6. Simon says:


  7. Linda says:


    There must now be a print magazine, “James”, to keep all of these images of you and your flair for the facconable! Thinking about possible publishers now……

  8. James Andrew says:

    Hello Linda,

    What a brilliant idea! Love the sound of a magazine print or online with the name “James”

    So many possibilities to explore.



  9. mrjames says:

    Am loving the hair and those glorious bare ankles đŸ™‚

  10. Barbara says:

    Great photos and perfect clothes for the S + B showroom. Bravo!!

  11. David de la Marca says:

    Très chic James! Love the subtle play on textures, perfect accessories, and.. what can I say… what amazing Tom Ford Loafers!

    Waiting for yet another brillant installment.


  12. Soren Romer says:

    These are great pictures of you, James! I would love it, though, if you could post a more detailed photo of the chair?

  13. James Andrew says:

    Hello Soren,

    Just click on the -Sebastian + Barquet Gallery link,

    Then go to designers, then – Kreuck & Sexton- there you will find a close up and a few more of their incredible pieces.



  14. Brent Barrett says:

    Love the shoes! They remind me of a pair of Bontoni loafers i just got

  15. B says:

    These photographs are like real advertisments, I want them in Vogue! Truly beautiful.

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