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James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company – Paintings by Scott Mcbee – photo  Matt Brown

James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company – Paintings by Scott Mcbee – photo Matt Brown

As many of you know, Scott McBee’s animal paintings were first shown in Lyford where the works were promptly snapped up by eager collectors. Now you can see McBee’s exhibition “Wonderland Menagerie” here in the city at the Chinese Porcelain Company. The spectacular show just opened two days ago to rave reviews!

Of the work, McBee tells us: “A life-long affection for animal life has provided much inspiration for my current body of work. Certainly, growing up with 3 horses, 14 dogs, various cats, and other animals has greatly influenced my life and art! I owned and marveled at many toy animals as a child, and these cherished memories are the basis of my chosen subjects. To me, they were miniature pieces of art, and I still see see them as such. Now, by rendering this myriad of beautiful creatures in highly saturated pigments, unusual color combinations, and elevated materials such as gold leaf, I celebrate and share a continuing sense of playfulness and joy.”


Scott Houston McBee – Wonderland Menagerie
The Chinese Porcelain Company
Showing through February 3rd , 2016
232 East 59th Street 5th floor, New York City

Chinese Porcelain Company’s Pierre Durand lends his enthusiastic impressions: “…the viewer’s eye is immediately hooked and drawn in for a closer peek…McBee renders every detail: from the fur of the llama to the flick of the zebra’s tail. With McBee’s signature flair, each animal wears its own poignant expression and is filled with whimsical quirks.”

This is a not-to-be missed exhibition and it is amazing to see the work in such a sublime setting mixed with the rare antiques and 20th century modernist masterpieces that you’ll always find at the Chinese Porcelain Company.

I am photographed at The Chinese Porcelain Company by the endlessly talented Matt Brown surrounded by Scott McBee’s marvelous menagerie. I am sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool glenn plaid suit, magenta large scale check silk tie, magenta silk pocket square and black and saddle leather loafers, custom made cotton shirt in charcoal and magenta stripes by Paul Stuart NY, Seaman Schepps grey pearl cuff links, vintage Rolex, fragrance by Tom Ford London, and a bit of a sun kissed glow courtesy Tom Ford Bronzing Gel.

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  1. La Contessa says:

    HE Must have had WONDERFUL parents to have been surrounded by so many animals!CONGRATULATIONS on the SHOW!

  2. Dean Farris says:

    Dear James,

    Ongoing congratulations to Scott!

    The CPC is the perfect venue for his elegant work.

    You look like the star that you are !


  3. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Please, please give Scott a big kiss and congratulations on his show! He is such a talent, and you are such a rock star…and the two of you, just so much gorgeousness in one room…I can’t stand it! Wonderful! All my love xoxo

  4. 14 dogs!!??!!!

    No wonder you are such a genius with animals! Lucky you to grow up with all those animals! And how you have translated it into your art so beautifully!

    Yikes! How I wish I could see the exhibit! The Chinese Porcelain Company is one of my favorite venues on earth!

    Smash hit! I am sure!

    Love to you both!!!


  5. I will keep in mind these beautiful things for my clients! Such uplifting and perfect colors for California!!!


  6. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Contessa,

    Life on a California farm!!!

    Much Love


  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean Farris,

    Indeed CPC is the most perfect venue for Mr McB’s brilliance!

    and we are thrilled to have him featured in the New York Social Diary as well!



  8. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Comtesse Lola,

    Mr McB is an absolute dream and so very delicious – as you can imagine I am so very proud,blessed and honored to share this journey with him.

    Can’t wait to share a few martinis with you!



  9. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    As you know he is such an animal whisperer- they all adore him!

    So sorry you are missing the exhibition in person!

    Yes perfection in California and he can do commissions as well!

    Much Love


  10. James Andrew says:

    Dear Ellen Fisch,

    It really is rather- marvelous- I hope you get to see in person.



  11. Karena says:

    This is one of the most stunning art exhibits I have seen in some time!
    Mr. McBee is a genius with color and his subjects are so endearing! I only wish I could but there in person!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Regina says:

    The Warholian acid colors bring perfect animal specimen paintings ala Audubon into another realm on their own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such color combos utilized with a Master’s tonal eye…makes Deyrolle seem obsolete…can only imagine what a Scarlet Ibis would look like. A must for many Interior Designers/Dealers for they bridge Modernism with Classicism – the PROPER interior scheme for the 21stC. J`Adore.

  13. James Andrew says:

    Dearest Karena,

    Thank You!

    His works are brilliant and they imbue the gallery with a wonderful whimsical chic!



  14. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Regina,

    You are a poet and an art scholar- this has to be the most exquisite description of Mr McB’s exhibition!!!

    Btw – I shared your comment here on Facebook!

    Absolute Genius!

    Thanks You for all your love and support!

    Love and Lots of Light


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