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Do you ever feel like you should have been born in another time and place? I’ve often felt most at home touring places like the mansions of Newport, the stately homes or England or France’s Versailles! This is perhaps why I’ve had such an avid fantasy life, and for me, fragrances like Creed’s latest Royal-Oud play an important part in fleshing out those fantasies, and perhaps in bringing those dreams a bit closer to a sensory reality!

Of course the very best dreams include a sense of responsibly and benefit to others—and we’re very pleased to find that Creed makes this exceedingly easy to achieve by giving a part of proceeds from U.S. sales of Royal-Oud benefits children’s health in India via the nonprofit organization Global Giving.

Royal-Oud for men and women is a beautifully seductive fragrance that takes its name from one of its ingredients, oud, coaxed from Agarwood trees of India. It may also interest you to note that oud is worth more by weight than palladium—and you’ll know why this scent is so coveted when you stop by Creed to acquire a handsome bottle of this liquid masterpiece. I’m confident you’ll find a splash of Royal-Oud the perfect thing before heading out to achieve your loftiest goals!


  1. little augury says:

    this sounds heavenly- and of course I always feel I was born into the wrong century. I like fragrances that serve both sexes- in fact I prefer them!

  2. doctor? says:

    which fragrances does this compare to ? sounds amazing

  3. James Andrew says:

    Hello Doctor?

    The other Creed fragrances that are similar would be Santal Imperial and Spice and Wood.

    It is quite seductive- I am sure you will love it.



  4. Dean says:


    Creed fragrances are the Rolls Royce of the fragrance world…so I’m not surprised that you favor them!


  5. My wife likes it too and we will write about it this week too.

  6. Marc de Paris says:

    Shall we meet at 38 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie? Creed store is near the Palais de Chaillot where we have the appointment at the musée de la Marine.
    I am worry not to have news from you. Have you cancelled your coming in Paris?

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