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The Irish Console

I am very fond of Irish mask console tables – ornate, almost rococo details, paw feet, lions face, as well as garlands and other flourishes make these pieces a strong focal point. Here I am at John Rosselli Antiques admiring a fabulous William Kent style console with a lovely chalky white base and charcoal marble top. Rosselli offers an amazing selection of Europeon and American antiques. John there bases his selections on the piece’s timeless style and distincitve personality, making Rosselli’s the perfect place to find an elegant addition to any fine interior.

Standing in front of this fantastic console, I am wearing a Gucci navy velvet jacket, Turnbull and Asser grey silk pocket square, Tom Ford cotton shirt in dark blue with contrast white collar, Seamen Schepps precious turquoise cuff links, Gucci wool plaid pants with navy, teal, and turquoise window pane over plaid, Hermes “blue jeans” blue leather belt, and navy leather cap toe shoes by Gucci.


  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Sascha says:

    James – Darling, dashing as always. You could brighten up every gallery opening here in Berlin each night. I guess you must have a walk in clothing cabinet. Do you keep your old cloth, or do you sell like Jackie O. and la duchesse de Windsor at a little second hand boutique?

  3. James Andrew says:

    Hi Sascha – thanks for your kind words! –
    And in answer to your question, I actually do give away the clothes that no longer fit or that I am just not wearing that much, but it is a fairly rare thing because I really take some time to consider my wardrobe and the look I want to achieve before making major purchases. If chosen well, good design stands the test of time!

  4. Bryan Ferry says:

    ‘if you were me, would you walk out in style?’

    Country Life album 1974

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