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Rolex: Functional Poetry

James Andrew and Rolex - photoZenith Richards

James Andrew and Rolex – photo Zenith Richards

In a world where cell phones have become the de facto time-telling device, some of you might be thinking it is a bit old-fashioned to be wearing a wrist watch? Sure, your cell is giving you atomic-precise satellite time—but the fact is, telling time precisely doesn’t really amaze anymore—any old drug-store watch can do that.

My point is, owning a fine wrist watch isn’t just about telling time anymore. It’s a much more poetic thing than that. It’s about celebrating the passage of time, and ennobling your place in it. A fine wrist watch is requisite gear for your fight against a chaotic world—a companion for, and witness to, all the years of your hard-working waking life…and when you’re done, it’s an object to pass on to some lucky fellow, who’ll wonder about you, who’ll rub his thumb over its time-worn surface and take comfort in its persistence. Meanwhile, the fifteen cell-phones you’ll have owned, will have been long forgotten—relegated to some laughable technological obsolescence.

So, you say you want in? Among the actually obtainable wrist-watches that are capable of capturing this sort of poetry, Rolex stands alone.

Rolex is certainly one of the no-compromise brands we go on about—and aside from the Cartier I sometimes wear, it’s the only watch I truly love. It’s a nearly indestructible piece of precision hardware, and its ageless style will garner you a lifetime of admiration. It’s one of those rare investments that you’ll simply never tire of, and like a fine oriental rug, it’ll be sure to keep or increase in actual value as it ages.

I am particularly fond of the stainless steel Rolex Daytona as well as the yellow gold Daytona—the sportiness of the model offsets a dressed up scenario with a nice touch of casual elegance.

James Andrew and Rolex Daytona - photo Zenith Richards

James Andrew and Rolex – photo Zenith Richards

There are many styles to choose from. Why not start making memories with a Rolex today!?

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  1. Dean Farris says:

    Love Rolex, but my Cartier keeps better time- but as you say, who cares? Francois Mitterand I read never wore a watch- how French!

  2. WIJW says:

    …but you can bet Mitterrand’s press secretary was wearing one. LOL

    And on the accuracy issue: Rolex creates their chronometers (like the Daytona) to meet OSCI (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) standards of an average −4/+6 seconds daily rate. I think most people can live with that 🙂

  3. Hello James,
    I love my stainless and gold Daytona. Bought as a splurge a decade ago, it gives me pleasure whenever I wear it. It was a revelation to me when I realized that one could have and wear more than one watch. It was also my ruination! Reggie

  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Reggie,

    How right you are- I am guilty of this indulgence as well.

    In addition to my Cartier Tank Divan I am now coveting the Hermes “Cape Cod” tank.



  5. OH WOW!!

    Just delete immediately if I have told you this story before! Promise?

    36 years ago; I went to the jewelry store in Pasadena. I wanted to give my new husband, Adam; a watch! I selected a stainless steel “Daytona” (I had no clue what “Daytona” was. I just liked its looks….those three circular things around the main face. Looked good to me!
    It was $300.
    He has loved it! (you have to wind it! He loves that!)

    Around 15 years ago we were staying in Martha’s Vineyard; and we went to Nantucket with our daughters on a friend’s boat! I was busy buying a “Nantucket bag”; and then we walked into a jewelry store on “Main Street: (or whatever it is called…..there is only one)

    A tall; attractive gentleman approached us and said…….”Sir; may I ask you a question? Are you emotionally attached to your watch?” (he gets very high marks in my book. A lovely and polite way to say
    Adam said, “Yes I am! why do you ask?” The jeweler said; Because, if you were not emotionally attached to it; I will offer you $30,000.00 for it!”

    I nearly fainted!

    I am pleased beyond that he loves it and wears it every day; loves winding it; and people “in the know” comment on it every now and then!
    Kinda sad it has dwindled down to $12,500.00; but a far cry from the $300.00 I paid for it!

    I am very pleased with my “eye”!!

    Lived my whole life by my “eye”!!


  6. Dean Farris says:

    Penelope, it always pays to buy the best!

  7. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    What a fab story and exactly what I love to celebrate!

    Intrinsic value!



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