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Ravishing Rooms at La Mamounia

James Andrew at  La Mamounia - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at La Mamounia - photo Gabriel Everett

In preparation for travel, I always do some rather extensive research to find the finest hotel options, and I seek out in particular those hotels that ignite my imagination while capturing the essence of a place. In anticipation of our trip to Morocco, I had been envisioning the interiors Bill Willis did for the Gettys, Rothschilds, Agnellis, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, and so I was quite pleased to see a hint of Willis in esteemed designer Jacques Garcia’s recent transformation of La Mamounia.

In his own unique take on Moroccan opulence, Garcia has extensively overhauled what what was essentially an Art Deco space, bringing back more traditional Moroccan elements such as painted wood, Gebs, Zelliges and Marble in the most glorious mix of colors and patterns.

La Mamounia

La Mamounia

Our spectacularly palatial suite of rooms were the most perfectly luxurious retreat after a day of exploration, and the two balconies provided us with beautiful views of the park, the city of Marrakech, and the Atlas mountains beyond. One truly had the sensation of being a guest in one of the aforementioned style icons’ private homes.

La Mamounia

La Mamounia

Taking a few moments before heading out to dinner, I’m pictured at top basking in the magnificence of life at La Mamounia.

I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci white linen jacket, dusty rose linen and silk kaftan style sweater, python belt with silver buckle, Tom Ford beige, ivory, and brown silk pocket square, sand colored suede loafers, vintage Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. wendy woo says:

    Opulence & beyond! love it!

  2. Juan Moliné says:

    Me encanta tu look, guapo!! Fantástico la Mamounia!

  3. francisco says:

    !thank you! !muy guapo y sexy! !espectaculares las habitaciones tipo suite!

  4. Bill says:

    Garcia does terrific work…enjoy

  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill,

    I was first introduced to the brilliance of Jacques Garcia at the Hotel Costes in Paris.

    A rather fabulous Napolean III fantasy!

    His interpretation of Moroccan Opulence at La Mamounia is just magnificent.



  6. James Andrew says:

    Querido Francisco,

    Muchas gracias!

    Era muy fabuloso!

    Un Abrazzo Fuerte,


  7. Great pictures James! I am sure you had a great time and I will read through your Morocco experiences in the next couple of days.
    Hope you made it back safely.

  8. Francois says:

    Darling, you just fit into these suite of rooms. Le comte de Paris did not write his memoire for nothing there. Its the place to be.

  9. James Andrew says:

    Dear Sven,

    Thank You!

    What an amazing place!

    I am sharing a series of 9 posts- I look forward to your continued support and feedback.



  10. James Andrew says:

    Dear Francois,

    You are so sublime!

    Thank You!

    Well perhaps I will follow the lead of Le comte de Paris and write my memoire at La Mamounia.



  11. francisco says:

    thank you to Mr. Everett for his fantastic work!

  12. Top photo: Yes, yes, and more YES!!

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