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Ralph Lauren

I am so grateful for the many years I worked for Ralph Lauren. There I indulged my passion for all things home, and gained the knowledge and versatility that comes with working in every design idiom imaginable – ie. eight different collections a year – from Hamptons estate to Manhattan penthouse to French château style…. Having this in-depth design vocabulary as a base upon which to build has been invaluable as I create diverse and sophisticated looks for my own clients’ homes today. Not being satisfied with the somewhat disappointing actuality of many of the most celebrated places of the world, Lauren himself has devoted his life to a certain re-imagining, adding his own particular genius for style to everything that surrounds him. Lauren truly embodies the idiom “imagination = reality,” and it is this thought that I carry with me as I dream and manifest my world every day.

Here I am at the Lauren flagship store on Madison Avenue, enjoying the “Bedford Manor” collection – my dear friend Tham (2124348027) helps me with all my Ralph Lauren Home collection needs. Nothing I could write would really do her justice.

I am wearing a Gucci cognac corduroy suite, vintage Dior floral silk pocket square, Turnbull and Asser shirt in red and white striped cotton with contrast collar and cuffs, Vintage moonstone cuff links and tartan wool tie from Ralph Lauren, Gucci green python belt with silver double horse head buckle, Sermoneta in red leather, olive green tote (gift from Range Rover), and Gucci leather “Chelsea” boots.


  1. andreea says:

    Hello there, very nice!

  2. James, this picture couldn’t be more perfect. The gloves…the tie…the bag…the suit…the hair….the room. I don’t even know you, yet you inspire me much.


  3. Thomas says:

    suit is the perfect fit for you.

  4. Yay . . . what a charming photo. As a former Polo-ite as well, it’s great to see shots from inside the mansion.

    Great site!

  5. Brian J Cook says:

    James! Wonderful photo! Suit, bag, gloves……… All of it!!

  6. Susanne Van Hecke says:

    I find it very humbling how a extremely talented decorator as yourself still finds time to go back to your roots to give praise to Mr. Lauren and all his grandeur. Not only does his flagship store create such a sense of intimacy, but others as well. For instance take Michigan Ave store and his restaurant, RL Lounge in Chicago…it feels as if you could be having a cocktail with the man himself and Ricky sitting as the bar. Of course you my friend would be rightfully sitting beside them as you have earned your right to by not only being such a style star, but also by being a classical and elegant gent.

  7. Ally says:



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