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As an interior designer a great deal of my time is spent shopping for the most spectacular fabric schemes.

One of my favorite go-to resources is the super chic Quadrille showroom here in New York City. Quadrille is known for their fabrics and wall coverings with an updated modern point of view. They’re aware of what is happening in the worlds of fashion and design, and yet they are still strongly rooted in the classics, with a truly extensive collection of patterns and prints—some based on historical documents that have been re-imagined in scale and color. The look is bold and colorful, sporty and super sophisticated—perfect for creating a casual chic and relaxed kind of vibe. I approach decoration as a couturier might—always striving to create something bespoke for my clients—needless to say, Quadrille makes that much easier for me. What’s more, they can even custom color fabrics and wall coverings with only a small minimum yardage requirement.

Quadrille was created by Jay Crawfrod, Anthony Tortora, and Harry Hinson in 1968. Crawford had formerly designed fabrics for Billy Baldwin and Woodson wallpapers. Pattern and color was at the forefront then—Inger Elliot opened China Seas at about the same time. Elliot basically rediscovered the batik industry in Indonesia and led the revival of the craft, bringing resort-like prints to her shop on Madison Avenue and then into the D&D building. Alan Campbell also had a contemporary line of colorful batiks with a modernist slant…all of these brands are now in the Quadrille mix. Their uniquely American point of view has attracted international taste makers for decades…illuminati of fabulousness like the Baroness Marie-Helene De Rothschild, C Z Guest, Babe Paley, David Hicks, Parish-Hadley Inc, and the list goes on.

Do check out Quadrille’s rather fabulous website here.

For a day of decorating, I’m sporting a Tom Ford camel and silk jacket with suede elbow patches, purple wool knit tie, brown and white mini hounds tooth shirt with French cuffs, purple and cream Glenn plaid silk pocket square and saddle leather loafers, Gucci wool and cotton check pants in browns and purples, python belt with silver double horse head buckle, antique moon stone cuff links, vintage Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Vintage Tabarome.


  1. Alexx says:

    I’m in love with the Tom Ford Camel… what a lovely look !
    Nice showroom… I love the colletion of patterns and prints.

    À bientôt.


  2. jon k says:

    beautiful jacket and look – i do love a few shoulder pads

  3. James Andrew says:

    Well my Dear jon k I hope you like the Quadrille fabrics I use on the decoration of your flat as much as the shoulder pads in my Tom Ford jacket.

    Your tremendous support feels so sublime!

    Thank You!


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Boy Alex,

    Thank You!

    I adore this jacket and in camel and silk it is sublime.

    I will take you to the Quadrille show room when you visit New York City.



  5. Coveting the pants James – and the toile de jouy

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Robert,

    Isn’t that toile just terrific!



  7. Dean says:

    great post, Albino Cimonetti was the fourth creator, thus the Quad- he was one of my favorite instructors at FIT, we had most of the old Parsons interior design faculty while I attended, lucky me! Quadrille is the epitome of chic, I think you’ve been to John’s house in Lyford Cay- printed materials scream Palm Beach- that’s what’s so fun about them!


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