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James Andrew and puppies

James Andrew, Pogo, and Bean

Some of my friends welcomed the most wonderful whippet puppies, Pogo and Bean, into their family. The pups are just 12 weeks old and quite a handful! Needless to say they bring back fond memories of my late Rupert when he was a puppy (my other Whippet, Nigel, was a rescue and so he was almost a year old when he first came into my life). It has been over four years now since losing my exquisite furry friends, and I do still so miss them. It was so wonderful to spend some time with these adorable little whippet puppies above, though, with their boundless energy and love, and it has me looking forward to welcoming a pair into my own home at some point in the future!

Taking in some puppy love, I’m sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool/silk tweed jacket with brown suede elbow patches, slate grey wool/cashmere flannel pants and brown suede tasseled loafers, Tom Ford era Gucci shocking pink silk turtleneck sweater, Etro silk paisley scarf, vintage brown silk pocket square, vintage Rolex, gray down vest by Hawke & Co. and my fragrance is Creed Vintage Tabarome.

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  1. oh! I hope you get some soon!!! My friend Tab Hunter
    Has two!!! (KLUNK!!)

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