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Pucci in the Piazzetta

James Andrew, the Capri Piazzetta - photo Scott Mcbee

James Andrew, the Capri Piazzetta - photo Scott Mcbee

For our recent trip to Italy I channeled a bit of 60’s Capri a la Lord Patrick Lichfield and Peter Bailey, and thus sported some rather outrageous jet-set hippie-chic ensembles. I went for shades of blue and white, crisp and fresh (much like the locales we traveled to).

Capri is very much a place where people enjoy getting dressed up, wearing jewelry, etc.—there is a sense of celebration there, and generally people dress accordingly.

When planning my wardrobe for this trip I remembered Pucci had done a men’s capsule collection in 2011 which included some rather tremendous tunic style shirts.

As it goes, I saw myself wearing one of these in Capri. Perhaps it was the power of imagination, but whatever the case may be somehow one of these tunics came my way! The best place to see and be seen is the famous Piazzetta, the perfect place to promenade and enjoy the perpetual spectacle, and as you can see I had a marvelous time parading through the Piazzetta in said Pucci, (and happily turning a few heads as McBee took my photo).

I’m wearing a Pucci white and blue embroidered tunic, Uniglo slim white cotton cargo pant, navy and white cotton gingham tasseled slippers by Hadleigh Bespoke, Tom Ford white “Miguel” sunglasses, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Original cologne.


  1. Dean says:

    Hunky Rock Star – Super Model!

  2. Leo Kempster says:

    I wish I was there right now!

    Raining here – no good for loafers 🙁

  3. VVires says:

    Neat pattern on the tunic. Its loose fit keeps the plunging neckline from being too macho. The advantages of having a extensive wardrobe must be you can match your shoes to the outfit down to the exact shade of blue.

  4. Nancy M. Toon says:

    I am SICK with jealousy looking at this beautiful view of the Mediterranean!! And here I am stuck at my store all summer…well, not so bad..it is in the Hamptons after all …but still I want to be where you all are! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us…

  5. Clare says:

    Loving the Pucci kaftan….a perfect fit!

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