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Paws for Style


I recently had the immense pleasure to participate in the fabulous Paws for Style event – a fun and wonderful evening to benefit the Humane Society of NY. Established over 100 years ago with a mission to care for animals with compassion both on a physical as well as emotional level, the Humane Society are front runners in defending our furry and feathered companions where needed. A full 96% of donations go toward programs that directly benefit animals, and so I give quite generously, and encourage all my friends to do the same!

Celebrating this amazing organization, I’m wearing a royal blue sateen jacket, white shirt with black piping, black and white cotton/silk houndstooth pants, patent leather black belt with silver leather trim and grommets, and white, black and silver leather loafers, all by Gucci – pocket square by Yves Saint Luarent.


  1. Clark says:

    You look fab! So much to catch up on soon!!

  2. Dean says:

    James on a step and repeat ! I love it. Very “socialite” – great charity too. Rupert and Nigel must be so grateful.

  3. tartanscot says:


    that sateen jacket is amazing !

  4. Jerry Kraft says:

    James, what a great event. I wish I had known I would have made a donation from my 3 puppies. FANTASTIC!

  5. Dean says:

    James, you look so dashing, keep up the good works ! WOOF !

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