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Park Avenue Autumn

Park Avenue Autumn


As you may recall, we at WIJW were thoroughly smitten with Park Avenue Summer. Well, I have to say we are in love all over again – this time with her radiant sister Autumn!

Fashion week brought me to a myriad of parties; after attending one such event, I decided to take my partner for a lovely dinner at Park Avenue Autumn – besides, I was terribly anxious to see their transformation from Summer to Autumn, and their location is awfully handy – right in the middle of the rich heartland of 10021 – Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side. To say that we were enthralled seems totally inadequate.

For this fresh incarnation, the Park Avenue designers carry over their underlying theme from Park Avenue Summer (based loosely on the nautical travels of Captain Cook); however, this new season finds the restaurant touched by a lustrous Autumnal Pacific Northwest.

James Andrew at Park Avenue Autumn - photo Lars Stephan

James Andrew at Park Avenue Autumn - photo Lars Stephan

copper globe lamp

copper globe lamp and lenses

This place GLOWS.

Copper globe lamps like moorings shimmering in the late day sun…glorious arrangements of bittersweet vines and berries in shades of gold and cinnabar…leather hide-covered panels bejeweled with dewy telescope lenses…mirror striped walnut walls…knotted rigging above…all these elements coalesce to create the most wondrous sense of dreamy adventure.

And warmth abounds! The perfect atmosphere to enjoy Chef Craig Koketsu’s fantastic lunch, dinner, or brunch menu in the midst of a crisp NYC Fall.

Park Avenue Autumn

Park Avenue Autumn

Autumn Plates

A sampling of Autumn plates.

Our Fall fête began with delicious local diver scallops, lemongrass and honey crisp apples, hamachi sushi and the most outrageous “Park Avenue clams casino” – ice cold champagne bien sûr! For our main course, we feasted on pork chop Schnitzel, swordfish with roasted acorn squash, broccoli & cheetos, miso-glazed Brussels sprouts, French fries, and the excellent “Park Avenue Autumn” pinot noir. Despite the fact that I will be sporting a Speedo next week, I could not resist the temptation to indulge in the warm pumpkin and molasses cake – definitely worth a few more rounds of boxing with one of my trainers!

Park Avenue Autumn

Park Avenue Autumn

It is no surprise that Park Avenue Autumn has become THE restaurant of choice on the Upper East Side – and the modernist sensibility combined with innovative food draws a younger downtown set as well.

Definitely stop by as we ease into my favorite season!

Pictured above, I’m looking forward to many more meals here at Park Avenue Autumn. I’m wearing a spectacular red leather motorcycle jacket by Gucci, an enormous silk paisley scarf by Etro, a Russian mini-floral print shirt, brown tweed motorcycle-style pants, cognac python belt with silver double horse head buckle, and brown suede cap-toe shoes (all by Gucci).


  1. David says:

    Wow James, LOVE that scarf!

  2. Wendy Chao says:

    Brilliant James – you always choose the best ensembles, the best culinary masterpieces, the best words, and the best season of all – autumn!

  3. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear James,

    I can see the leafs falling inside the restaurant like real autumn. Love the warm colors and the copper lamps, having dinner at such an environment must be an unforgetable experience. Everything sounds delicious, can´t wait to get there…….

    Even the word “mag” is not enough to describe how great you look



  4. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:


    what an awesome place for dinner, I would love to be there tonight!

    lovely jacket you have



  5. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Dearest James,

    You should come to Brazil and make some stories of our restaurants, I´m sure everyone would love them!

    Regards from Brazil


  6. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    Excellent choice! Let´s go there when I visit NY.

    Wishing you an amazing weekend



  7. Tom Cavendish says:


    I´m sure that it was delicious, Schnitzel is one of my faves! Love the reflections in the copper lamps, totally my taste!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. Terry Kerr says:

    Hello James,

    I love the ambience, can totally imagine myself sitting there now and having a special time.



  9. Edie B. says:

    Wow James! I absolutely LOVE it. My mother says it has the glamour of the 40s …….



  10. Deborah Meyer says:

    James…my son Peter (teal/turquoise Gucci suit) and I met you at the Gucci party, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! It is so wonderful. I’ll send you mine tomorrow when I finish the last two days’ posts, my broadband was soooo slow that I couldn’t upload in NYC, took too long, but it’s not near as wonderful as this blog! My daughter Hanna loves your outfits. I love the DR! I want to find some people to go to Casa Kimball. Anyhow I just got back so have to unpack but you’ve done a GREAT job with your blog, can’t wait to spend more time reading it! Take care, best, Deb PS If you send me your email address I can send you the nice photos, mine is meyede@comcast.net.

  11. Soo says:

    IS IT ALREADY FALL? I sense it from your clothes. (hah)

    I wish there was some accent color point from this look. I like the look and color/print match but it looks somewhat too Brownish. (No offense-I still enjoy every pics and notes from your blog!)


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