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James Andrew - the Colony Palm Beach.

James Andrew – the Colony Palm Beach.

The Colony Palm Beach is the next best thing to having a home in Palm Beach! From the well situated Colony it’s an easy thing to indulge in all that Palm Beach has to offer. Of course, with the Colony’s delicious culinary offerings, Polo Bar, and nightly Royal Room cabaret, it’s really more than tempting to simply stay put!

Breakfast served poolside is such a treat, and when you’re there, do try the “low country shrimp and grits” and/or the the shrimp and avocado omelette — it’s all so very Duchess of Windsor. We spent pretty much every day lounging and lunching with friends — only leaving the Colony’s confines to soak in some sun in the afternoon at the nearby beach before returning for cocktail hour and the evening’s festivities. We were lucky enough to be there for the infamous Thursday “Boys Night” which is as you may have surmised, an opportunity for local and visiting guys and their pals to congregate — we ourselves celebrated the night under the stars with bottles of rosé, though inexplicably most remained indoors. If you are anything like me, when you’re in the tropics, you want to be, well…in the tropics!

I’m photographed (top) poolside at the Colony dressed for dinner and “Boys Night” in a Tom Ford palest blue silk dinner jacket (worn casual), Tom Ford white cotton twill pants, white cotton shirt, and ivory suede loafers, Mark Pomerantz blue and white floral silk pocket square, Le Noeud Papillion purple and pale blue glen plaid silk ascot worn as scarf, Seaman Schepps pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, Paul Stuart blue and white ribbon belt, Creed Windsor fragrance, and a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel to enhance my tan.


  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    THERE IT IS………what I asked about in the previous POST!
    ASCOT……….Okay am on the HUNT for the ITALIAN!
    BROOKS BROTHERS…………where else might I find a GORGEOUS colorful one?

  2. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Contessa,

    Yes indeed – more wore like a scarf- Le Noeud Papillion has marvelous things, as well as Turnbull and Asser – try eBay as well.

    Much Love


  3. Who else on earth knows about “Le Noeud Papillon”??? No one. I guess someone does……no one I know!

    Turnbull and Asser……yes….Adam’s fave shirts…..for years……and ebay!!

    GREAT suggestion! Lots of “estate pieces” from the closets of people who were “saving them”!

    I almost fainted when I read the blog of my favorite store in all of Palm Beach……”Leta Austin Foster” (perhaps best store in the world); She has some vintage “Marghab” linens……Sheesh!! Take a look! Of course, they are worth every penny; irreplaceable today!

    Ebay! You can still find them!!!

    Scott McBee is getting some very well-deserved press attention! He is very hot in Lyford and I hear……creating a stir in Jupiter!!!


  4. P.S. La Contessa…….you have to “get” “worn more like a “scarf”!! “Ascot” too pretentious I think! Yes James?????

    Do explain!!!

  5. Karen Albert says:

    James, I seriously could wear your entire wardrobe in a women’s cut! Oh, and I love a man wearing an ascot!

    Scott’s art is still receiving comments on my site!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    I just adore Palm Beach – I think Mr McB and I will need a little place there – still tremendous deals to be had on jet set chic 1960’s apartments.

    Leta has the best taste and everything in her store is so sublime!


    You are soooo very right – ascot as scarf – I think is a bit more relaxed!!!

    Much Love


  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Karen Albert,

    That is the nicest compliment- Thank You!!!!

    SO thrilled to hear and I am sure because of you Mr McB will have some new patrons- keep us posted!

    Much Love


  8. Dear JA, You always dazzle us readers. We just want to tuck ourselves in your pocket and go along for the ride. Thank you! You always look just right…or better! I’m 75, but when I grow up I want to be just like you!

  9. Stefanie R says:

    WOW!! Chicer than ever!!!!

  10. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Stafanie R,

    Thank You!

    You are soooo delicious – we are over due for a Carlton Hobbs shoot!

    Much Love


  11. James Andrew says:

    Dear Charles Allen,

    Hasnt it been said – “Dont grow up- it’s a trap”

    Thank You!


  12. Edith Lord-Wolff says:

    Lindsay & I landed at the Colony last feb…You made it look so much cooler!! We found it a bit dated. sun& Luv, Edith

  13. James Andrew says:

    Hello Edith Lord-Wolff,

    How fab and sorry we missed you both!

    The location is perfection – so close to everything – we walked everywhere!

    ALL Best


  14. Dean says:


    My first ascot, from Liberty of London, was given to me by my grand tour chaperone, Mr. Robert Morring- an antiques dealer from Atlanta, that my parents hired to show me the ropes in Europe…
    This ascot, or cravat, was spectacular- in tones of gold, fuschia, and brown paisley silk! I LOVED it! He then showed me how to tie it- no small feat-
    It was a good thing, as I was introduced to the beau monde, including Barney Wan of Vogue, Lord Snowdon, and Lord Fry! What a lucky young man I was! Years later, I purchased or was given, a beautiful deep purple silk one with small diamonds in teal… (RL) very smart, and I think it is still residing in my rather shabby and not so chic closet! LOL!
    Dean xo

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