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Palm Beach Boheme

James Andrew, Palm Beach

James Andrew, Palm Beach

from the Mediterranean and Moroccan inspired homes created by Mizner to the Lily Pulitzer frocked beauties strolling barefoot along Worth Avenue, Palm Beach has always had an element of the opulent boheme…. It is, after all, the tropics, and so why not infuse one’s home and wardrobe with a bit of bohemian exoticism! For the interiors I create for my clients, I always try to capture the essence of a place, and Palm Beach makes for the perfect combination of old world elegance and relaxed tropical beach resort – big, bold, and beautiful statements that compliment a number of different architectural styles are a key factor in creating a super chic Palm Beach style – think: rooms tented in batik fabrics, Moroccan furniture with mother of pearl inlay, and a ravishing riot of color.

Contrasting exotic and classical elements, I’m playing the part of the Palm Beach boheme. I’m wearing a crisp white linen jacket by Gucci and the quintessential navy suede Gucci loafers worn with a Rag and Bone, Indigo batik tunic and navy ikat pants by Burberry Prorsum, vintage Rolex, Royal blue silk polka dot pocket square by Tom Ford and my fragrance is Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia.


  1. Danny says:

    The look is great, I love the mix of blues. Moroccan slippers would have “boudoir”ed it up a little…. But why the gruff look? X, D

  2. “Danny” must be new to your blog! Hey, Danny! Everyone else with a blog is smiling cheekily (me included!!!)

    The reason we care “what James is wearing”; is because of his “off-hand” (I don’t read it as “gruff”; but I am really glad you asked this question!!)

    He is just “James”!! And James is not “smiling for the camera”!

    I would like to add that the two places I love in Florida…..(in this order):

    Jupiter. Palm Beach. (My best friend who lives in Palm Beach described “Jupiter” perfectly: “Jupiter is where rich people go and pretend they’re not!” How perfect is that???

    You and I also adore “Lyford Cay” (off the beaten track; and the radar).

    Have you been to “LIttle Compton” Rhode Island? Same!! See if you can get there! ( Newport to Little Compton; Palm Beach to Jupiter! Same equation!!)

    I actually love all these places…and I love to visit them!

    Lyford kinda takes the cake!

  3. I am quite cross with my mac “autocorrect”!! How dare it change the word “cheesily” to “cheekily” without my permission!!??!!

    I am happy to note….it only did it once. This time it let the word “cheeslily” stand….not once but twice!

    Fortunately for all….macs can be; and are: trainable….and trained!


  4. Danny says:

    Hello Penelope,

    Nice to see your stream of consciousness…

    It’s because I look forward to seeing James’ new posts and good times that I come back to his page daily…. But Penelope, with the greatest respect to each other and this blog, let’s be free to call it as we see it.

    “To James!”, because he’s worth it!

    x, Danny

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penny and Danny,

    I am so thrilled to see all this incredible interaction with like-minded people who care so much about style,elegance,manners and a politesse that seems to be vanishing in our world.

    Cheers and Many Thanks


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