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James Andrew Pajama-style shirt

James Andrew Pajama-style shirt

For years, legendary style icons have been wearing clothing in unconventional ways, which is probably why I love this pajama-style top for day wear! Not only is it a bit unconventional, it’s comfortable, chic, and oh so fresh.

There are a few high profile trend-setters like the very talented Ryan Gosling who’ve gone for the look — see the Ferragamo navy pajama top with white piping he rocked at the Cannes Film Festival — very dashing. My friend Juan Avellaneda, the Barcelona based designer, also features the look, having been inspired by Patricia Highsmith’s character, Dickie Greenleaf, who spent his days in a Mediterranean village, enjoying the sun and sea. Needless to say, that sounds pretty good to us, and we’re wild about this relaxed, bon-vivant collection.

Juan Avellaneda wearing his own Pyjama--Style shirt

Juan Avellaneda wearing his own Pyjama–Style shirt

Vibing a 50s/ 60s/ 70s international jet set look (top), I’m sporting an indigo with white piping cotton pajama shirt by Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren linen and silk pin stripe pants, Ralph Lauren madras espadrilles, navy and red belt by Adriano Meneghetti, vintage Rolex, my fragrance is Creed Acqua Originale Vetiver Geranium, and I’m using some Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for a bit of a sun-kissed glow.


  1. Karena says:

    Very hip and fresh, and love the look with your espadrilles, James!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Nothing short of heavenly!! As Always!

    The madras espadrilles remind me of prep school in Massachusetts in the 60’s! Except there were madras jackets on the boys at the neighboring prep schools (guess what? autocorrect knows nothing of the 60’s!!)

    anyway….moving right along.. At our dances with the boys schools…..the cutest guys had their Dad’s jackets (I am not kidding) that were madras and the sleeves were worn out…(madras is a very thin fabric) and so there were suede or leather patches on the elbows. I liked the guys with the oldest jackets. They had the best stories about their Dads!!! Honestly. “Patina” was important early on for me!!!!

  3. Danny says:

    Oh James!
    Definitely rocking that laid back look…
    Coffee downstairs in 10mins!
    (and the Woodward Newman’s are due over later for cocktails…)
    X D

  4. K.S. says:

    I checked your website/blog a few years ago but somehow lost the link. I recently came upon a search and was very happy to see that you are still posting. Wonderful posts and please do keep up with the good work. Love all your clothes!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Hello Karena,

    I love this ensemble and thought it so refreshing!

    Thank You!


  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    I simply adore ALL your stories- the absolute best!


    I adore madras – cant get enough- and in need of a madras jacket!

    One must be certain that you were the chicest gal at school!

    Much Love and Light


  7. James Andrew says:

    Oh Danny- you are soooo delicious!

    Thank You!


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