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Paint it Black

Most people just leave their doors plain old white, I say paint them black! Black is a perfect neutral, and goes with everything. A really shiny black door is an easy way to make a super chic statement.

Here I am with my beloved Rupert and Nigel, in front of my dream townhouse and some fabulously shiny black doors. I am wearing Dior (bad cop) sunglasses, a Tom Ford brown cotton safari shirt, Gucci python belt, Gucci royal blue cotton pants, and Gucci brown leather topsiders.


  1. Karen says:

    Hi James,
    Saw you with Kelly Wearstler at the party in the Lee Jofa showroom last Thursday. You looked great. Will you be posting any photos from that fabulous event? I would love to know the details on what you were wearing and learn more about Kelly’s new fabric collection for Groundworks at Lee Jofa. -Karen

  2. Garrison says:

    Adore your whippets..they always seem to look as regal as you do…lovin’ the ‘bad cop’ sunglasses.

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