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On Top of The World

James Andrew, Top of the Rock. photo by Gabriel Everett

James Andrew, Top of the Rock. photo by Gabriel Everett

Over the years, teachers, guides, and gurus have all espoused the idea that we form our reality through the thoughts we have, and that we can become what we most want in this very moment. Of course, maintaining an elevated attitude and vision is not always an easy thing to do—I, for instance, do have some rather grand plans after all, and sometimes my bank account doesn’t exactly cooperate! So one needs a lot of determination to move forward despite these apparently less than perfect conditions, listening to our thoughts and beliefs along the way, encouraging the positive ones, and letting go of the detrimental ones.

I, for one, choose to believe that our reality can change in an instant.

I’ve had some “down-to-soup” days in my life—and that can be pretty scary, but rather than go to a place of fear and panic, I somehow always found a way to be at peace, and to have a kind of “knowing” that things would work out perfectly—magically it seems, and in some instances, quite immediately, I would get a call or email from a client saying, “let’s do this or that now, come and collect a check” —problem solved and I’m back on the path of abundance!

I like the idea that our thoughts create our reality—want to be a millionaire? Think like one, feel like one, and why not dress the part while you’re at it to really fill out the picture? This can go a long way toward attracting the right kinds of conditions to make opportunities happen—and at the very least, I think we can all agree that it’s simply better to feel better!

Recently I was feeling a bit off, and, sensing a gloomy mood coming on, I decided it was definitely the right time to shift gears. I put on one of my more spectacular suits, met friends at the Four Seasons for drinks, and then had a lovely dinner at Blue Smoke. To elevate the mood even further, we followed all this up with an inspiring visit to the glorious “Top of the Rock” observation deck at Rockefeller Center. If you haven’t been there, then you must go. If you’ve already been, then it’s worth revisiting. There’s a palpable sense of possibility when taking in the view from this perch high above the city—it’s a top-of-the-world feeling that leaves me feeling invigorated and renewed—inspired to press on in the pursuit of my most lofty dreams and desires!

Inspired at the “Top of the Rock,” I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci black cashmere top coat, the most sensational Tom Ford three piece suit in charcoal wool cashmere Prince of Wales plaid, checked cotton shirt with French cuffs, a Glen plaid cashmere silk tie, black and saddle leather loafers, black pearl cuff links, Turnbull and Asser black and gray silk polka dot pocket square, Rolex Oyster perpetual watch, and my fragrance is Creed Royal-Oud.


  1. CD says:

    Truly sensational!

  2. Darling,

    Since I am working on that, my life is turning a dream, thank you for reminding me that we shape our future with our thoughts, it is so true…….when I start my day I think of what you say and my favorite Author Louise L. Hay 🙂 I am sure your night with friends and the dinner at Blue Smoke was amazing, I can smell those ribs 😉

    Big Hug,


  3. Martina says:

    Qué sabias palabras James, voy a seguir tus consejos su a tí te ha resultado tan maravillosamente bien por qué a mi no!

    un gran beso desde México!

  4. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Wir haben die gleiche Art zu denken mein lieber James! Ich hab sehr schwierige Momente erlebt aber man muss nur denken dass alles wieder gut wird, und wenn man es macht dann passieren uns wunderschöne Sachen, man muss nur Hoffnung haben und sich vom Leben überraschen lassen! 🙂

  5. Lil´Lilly says:

    James you are a Lifestyle Guru!

  6. Pearl Hammond says:

    Dear James,

    I´ve been traveling a lot, was for months in Africa in places without internet! I can´t understand how could I survive without reading your posts! I am back to life now!

    lots of love,


  7. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Du bist ein Schatz James! ich brauche Dich als Inspiration!

    Hab einen wunderschönen Tag!

    Deine Christiane

  8. Pink Cinammon says:

    Wise words James, thanks for sharing!

  9. Juana de Esquivel says:

    Me encanta el post de hoy James, yo leo muchos libros sobre cómo creamos nuestra realidad a cada minuto con nuestros pensamientos, hay autores geniales, gracias por recordarnos siempre el buen camino!

  10. Monaco Girl says:

    This is amazing dear James! you are so wise! I´ll be soon in NYC hope to see you there!


    Monaco Girl

  11. Tom Cavendish says:

    James! I am visiting Ireland now, it´s amazing here, thank you so much for these nice thoughts!

  12. Eddie B. says:

    Mother would love that James, even in our darkest period we kept affirming! Now everything is perfect, in heavenly divine order…….

  13. James Andrew says:

    Dear Christian,

    Life is a paradox, sometimes these ideas seem almost counter intuitive.

    But I have to say, I rather live my life from this perspective than from a place of thinking the worst and buying into panic and fear.

    Light and Blessings,


  14. Lola Montes says:

    Qué lindas palabras para empezar el día James, me hacían mucha falta, gracias!!!

  15. Maria La Torre says:

    Querido James,

    Yo también he tenido etapas difíciles, pero ahora todo es maravilloso desde que sigo tus consejos! gracias!



  16. Dean Farris says:

    Dear James,

    This has to be your best post ever, as you are really revealing your human side, which we can all relate to.
    Thanks for being such a gent, a friend, a mentor, and a total inspiration! If I can ever do anything for you please let me know!


  17. jon k says:

    looking good damn

  18. James Andrew says:

    Dear jon k,

    Thank You for all your tremendous support and feedback!

    Light and Blessings,


  19. Linda says:

    James, I don’t know what I love more — the way you look, or what you wrote. Just terrific.

  20. Topaz says:

    Let me confess I didn’t “get” you until I read a profile in which you revealed some of your background and espoused some similar thoughts, and then it all clicked. Totally agree with you and wish I had discovered how much our thoughts control our destiny, despite negative external forces, long ago. The important thing, however, is that I know it now. It helps to have a refresher course now and then, though, and that is what you provide.

    Thank you, James. You have been of more help than you’ll ever know.

  21. Dean Farris says:

    Topaz, you are a jewel!

  22. James Andrew says:

    Dear Topaz,

    Thank You for this lovely comment!

    I think that at a first glance and without perhaps knowing anything about me- people might presume that I am the most blatant pretentious self promoter ever.

    However- I am actually just celebrating life and beauty!

    I am so thrilled to hear that when I share these kinds of ideas, so many people are uplifted and more hopeful about their own potential.



  23. Matt says:

    You are a rock of style and the top in your field, such a great post and photo. Congrats James!

    Big hug Matt

  24. James Andrew says:



    I so appreciate all your tremendous support and feedback!



  25. Grey Hustle says:

    beautiful post!!!

  26. POUYA says:

    ”We Shall Posses Whatever We Desire”…….Fantastic Post,James……Cheers!


  27. James Andrew says:

    Dear Pouya,

    Thank You!

    I am so grateful for your support and fab feedback!



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