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James Andrew and Nina Griscom

James Andrew and Nina Griscom

Recently I stopped by to collect my super chic friend, bag designer, socialite, former model, aesthete and style pundit, Nina Griscom for a bit of a catch-up over lunch. Among the many topics we discussed, I was particularly interested to hear about the success of her new line of bags. Generally we don’t cover much in the way of women’s fashion here at WIJW, but Griscom’s designs (and indeed Griscom herself!) so represent that effortless chic we often write about, and we do LOVE the entrepreneurial spirit! And if you’re a WIJW fan, we’re guessing you do too. To this end, we asked Griscom if she’d briefly speak with us about her new line, blogging, and the creative process:

…I have a real passion for leather anything! Notebooks, bags, luggage. You name it. It felt like so many of the bags around had way too much hardware and logos and I couldn’t find bags that were clean, elegant, and yet beautifully made.

I was already a client of Gigi New York when I approached them to partner with me on a line of bags. I loved the quality of their work and the fact their products are made in America (in Melville, Long Island). My new line is called Nina Griscom for Gigi New York.

I’ve had so much fun working on the Fall collection and we are just about to start planning Spring.

I think that I come to the table knowing that people didn’t need just another suitcase or make-up kit or evening clutch. Each of these items needs to answer certain practical issues, be discreetly luxurious and to a certain extent, exclusive. I hope to bring my own lifestyle knowledge to these designs that considers how my customer lives and travels as well as attention to beauty.

Meanwhile I have recently been ignoring my other passion which is blogging. For the past year, I have had a blog, ninagriscom.com where I post roughly 3 times a week about food, travel (to Africa) family issues, interior design, gardens, entertaining, and even vibrators once….

I have a hate/love relationship with writing and now that I have given up smoking and drastically toned down my drinking, the process is much harder minus the lubrication of wine and butts!

Somehow designing bags does not necessitate the same creative angst to produce an end result. Go figure.

Executed in the most gorgeous leather and suedes with horn accents, these are the kind of go-to bags that every gal will want as part of her arsenal. And they’re made in America! Nina Griscom bags can be purchased at www.ninagriscom.com and www.giginewyork.com as well as at the retail shop, Gigi New York at 28 Jobs Lane Southampton NY. In the coming months they will be available at national retail stores around the country. Retail prices: $750 to $1800

With her disarming candor, sultry style, and an undeniable joie de vivre, you’re sure to become a Griscom fan! WE here at WIJW certainly are!

Dressed for a lovely luncheon with Griscom, I’m sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool plaid 3 piece suit, teal plaid cotton shirt with French cuffs, saddle and black leather loafers, teal and blue silk pocket square, Charvet black and silver stripe silk tie, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Windsor.

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  1. CD says:

    Congratulations to Nina Griscom. Her designs are quite impressive, alluring and entice my sense of touch. I shall keep 28 Jobs Lane in mind when I’m in Southampton.

    WIJW Today? The finest.

    How so? Because what he has on is always:

    admirable, attractive, beautiful, cool, elegant, exceptional, exquisite, fashionable, classic, timeless, up-to-date, first-rate, great, handsome, lovely, magnificent, neat, outstanding, pleasant, rare, refined, smart, splendid, striking, subtle, superior, well-made, dandy, select, top, enjoyable, first-class, five-star, good-looking, showy, subtle, skillful, supreme, top-notch, (sur)real…

    Because I love single-breasted, peaked-lapel suits.


  2. I love your reality based posts!

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear CD,

    Nina is just so delicious!

    I adore her and was thrilled to share her fab bags and blog with our readers- so do tell all your friends about her as well!

    Single breasted peaked lapel suits are my weakness!

    Thanks for all your divine descriptives!



  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Mr Farris,

    Thank You!

    I just love sharing my friends like Nina G here on WIJW?



  5. Duane DeMills says:

    Have you ever thought of designing a men’s line of accessories? With your style and taste you could easily launch a very successful brand.

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Duane DeMills,

    Thank You!

    Actually – Yes – and have been approached to do a line of shirts, pocket squares , cuff links – so we shall see – I would certainly enjoy adding that to my list of creative endeavors.



  7. Ida Lee Duplechin says:

    Nina’s design instincts are so on-target. My “lily” bag is wonderful. It serves as a discreet briefcase. It’s quite a comfortable bag to handle. My definition of elegance: discretion, simplicity and function.

  8. Kirsten says:

    You two are just devine……what a lovely piece you have written, James! She is like the exquisite blonde angel on your perfectly put together Christmas tree. A very happy pairing!

    Nina’s handbags look too die for….but what else would we expect? And James, you look like that fragrance: heavenly!!!


  9. James Andrew says:

    Dear Kirsten,

    I was thrilled to have this ravishing beauty on my blog!

    Much more than a pretty face , she is an entrepreneur and a brilliant blogger as well.

    I am sure you will be an instant fan!



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