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James Andrew and Nigel. photo Lars Stephan

James Andrew and Nigel. photo Lars Stephan

As many of you may know, my beloved Rupert passed away back in January of this year, and as you might imagine he has been sorely missed by both me and his brother Nigel. It’s been strange adjusting to having one dog, but I’m focusing my energy on Nigel rather than adding another member to our family. Sadly now my dear Nigel has been diagnosed with a degenerative heart disease, and so I’ve been taking him to the best heart specialist here in New York City as well as to The Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in South Salem, New York.

The SRVC is an alternative clinic specializing in an “integrative approach” to healing using a combination of the best alternative, holistic and traditional methods. Happily Nigel’s condition seems to be stabilizing and I’m doing all I can do to assure that his days are filled with as much joy and love as possible, and I continue to rejoice in the blessing of sharing each precious moment with him.

Taking a leisurely stroll with my sweet Nigel, I’m wearing a Gucci ivory cotton pinstripe suit, Etro silk pocket square, Tom Ford pink and white cotton plaid shirt with french cuffs, Seaman Schepps silver pearl with pale blue sapphire cuff links, Hermes “blue jeans” blue leather belt with silver buckle, Tom Ford loafers in black and saddle leather, Gucci sunglasses, Cartier vintage “Tank Divan” from Raj Tolaram and my fragrance is Creed Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse.


  1. Goose says:

    What a great story on Nigel! Love the suit mixed with the fragrance, full of shining joy for the summer. Keep it up James!

  2. Jerry Kraft says:

    James, I am so so sorry. I know how much you love him and he loves you. I know you will do everything to make sure he is comfortable and feeling better. My thoughts and love to you and Nigel. XO Jerry

  3. David says:

    Yes Sir! This outfit looks excellent!

  4. If I had a tiger, I would want to dress like him. If I had an eagle, I would want to fly like him. If I had a dog, I would have to buy some practical shoes. Maybe that’s why I’ve not committed to one yet, or perhaps it is that fear that they are likely to leave the earth before us. x

  5. Leo says:

    Love this shot. Think you should do more of yourself in action…All the best.

  6. Dean says:


    I enjoyed reading this, hopefully Nigel will overcome his sickness. Have a great day.


  7. The photo is beautiful yet melancholic in a way:
    Nigel has a sad look on his face.. Or maybe I’m imagining this after reading the story..

    Loving the pinstripe suit btw.

  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    I am sure Nigel is going to be healthy again, the wolves will help him…….

    big hug,


  9. Lola Montes says:

    qué lindo, estoy segura de que tiene el mejor tratamiento que se le puede dar!



  10. Pink Cinnamon says:

    lovely Nigel…….

  11. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Schöner Hund mein Lieber, ich schicke Dir meine besten Energien damit Dein Nigel gesund wird!



  12. Oonagh says:

    LOVE this picture. Nigel is just adorable and I love the pinstripe suit and the stylish lead (leash). Sending healing thoughts and cyber hugs to lovely, elegant Nigel.

  13. Soren Romer says:

    I’m so sorry to hear, James! Hopefully you guys will make the best of now!

    Chin up!

  14. I’m so sorry James! I know how it feels when your most faithful friend experiences this kind of problems. Hugs to Nigel!

    For what concerns you, James, I adore the picture and the look 🙂 Wonderful suit!

  15. My thoughts are with you James. Keep up the great work!

  16. Kelly says:

    Oh regal Nigel, so complimentary at your side. I am so sorry he’s sick. Feed him raw meat and bones as I do my greyhound. He’s doing fabulously on the diet. Read more at: rawfeeding@yahoogroups.com. The little guy is a carnivore, and the proper diet can really help bring him around.
    Good luck James. He walks lovely on a leash!

  17. Abraham V. says:

    The black hair great!!!!!!!!!!! Amo el traje blancooo!!!!!! Me encanta… Saludos James!

  18. Jenn says:

    Thoughts and prayers to both of you. So beautiful!

  19. I’m sorry to hear about Nigel! I have always wanted an italian greyhound, they’re so sweet…

  20. Alicia says:

    Such a sweet face, I’m pleased he’s responding to treatment.
    He’s as cherushable as you’re debonair.
    By the by ‘Dog Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant is a must book.

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