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Nicholas Turner

James Andrew at Nicholas Turner - photo by Nicholas Turner

James Andrew and Nicholas Turner - photo by Nicholas Turner

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the New York artist Nicholas Turner at an exhibition for my brilliant young photographer friend Lars Stephan. I was more than a little intrigued by Turner’s story.

With the unhappy end to a long term relationship during his senior year at Parsons, Turner plummeted into a debilitating depression that had him all but lay down his brush. It was in this very dark period that he had the unbelievably good fortune to connect with the well known photographer Francois Rousseau who happened to be working on a new book, “Atelier,” based on Patrick Grainville’s 1998 novel L’Atelier du Peintre. Rousseau found in Turner the troubled artist he had been seeking and subsequently cast him as one of the main characters in his new photo drama. Rousseau had found his muse!

Somewhat ironically, but in a beautiful twist, during the course of working with Rousseau, and under the protective older artist’s mentorship, Turner found relief in what perhaps had always been there – creativity! Certainly creativity is an artist’s greatest comfort in times of adversity.

With a renewed sense of purpose Turner spent a year after the completion of Rousseau’s book preparing work for a show at the prestigious Parisian Gallery Pierre Alain Challier that coincided with the book release – all to rave reviews.

I think there is something truly gratifying in Turner’s story – the magic of transformation – the idea that we are never fully privy to the intricate course of life, and just at the very brink of destruction, there can be grace!

Why not take a few moments and join my brilliant young friend to celebrate this wonderful story at his upcoming private art viewing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
7:00pm – 9:00pm
17 John Street APT 13D
New York, NY

Rousseau also encouraged Turner to take up photography, and he learned volumes from working with his mentor as you can see from this amazing self portrait of the artist and me taken by Turner himself!
Meeting with Turner in his studio I’m wearing a smoky pale blue suede motorcycle jacket by Gucci, a Tom Ford pale blue cotton glen plaid shirt with french cuffs, Seaman Schepps silver pearl and pale blue sapphire cufflnks, purple skinny jeans by Diesel, silver chain link belt by Gucci and silver leather sneakers by Dior.


  1. Christian Fuchs says:

    James this is beautiful, you and the artist standing in front of the paintings, there´s a lot of light blue (my favorite color) in the whole scene. the balance is perfect, I love the way the artist looks at you…….

    this is absolutely mag…….

    btw: I LOVE your jacket

    lots of hugs


  2. I think that Nicholas’s work would be the perfect addition to any interior-
    modern or traditional. There is something about it that you just want to stare at for hours!
    It is amazing that he also does the photography too!
    You are a FAB duo in the photo!

  3. PlutoGray says:

    Right…. lets not talk about the sculpted apparition next to you. Fun post. Perfect for any rainy day.

  4. sally swing says:

    Be still my heart! Fab paintings and to Beautiful Men! What could be better?

  5. Austin says:

    Truly Inspiring!!



  6. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    Dear James,

    I find the work of Nicholas really fascinating. The way he stares at you adds a very interesting character to the picture.

    Best Regards from Austria


  7. Edie B. says:

    James, what a great combination of artists you are! Loved the picture.

    Love from East Hampton

    Edie B.

  8. Tom Cavendish says:

    I agree with Edie, you are a great team! I need some help with my wardrobe!
    Your outfit is perfect as always!

  9. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Hello James,

    I was talking about your amazing blog last night with some friends, and everyone knew already about you, one of them said: “James has the best outfits I´ve ever seen…….”

    The photo with Nicholas Turner is awesome, you both are really handsome…….

    kisses from Brazil


  10. Dean says:

    James, An iconic image for an icon of style, James Andrew.

  11. Bruno says:

    This post is brilliant! I love it all the more that you’ve introduced for the first time a new man on your photo!
    You’ve also a fantastic sense of associating colors: blue and purple are so great together!

  12. Mag Lissperg v. W. says:

    Dearest James,

    Reading your blog is the highlight of my day. You really have an “eye” to find the perfect places and the most interesting people, beauty is always where you are…….

    Warmest Regards,


  13. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Dear James,

    I can´t believe there´s such an amazing blog like this! I´m sure many people are fascinated by your work!



  14. Alexandra Rhys-Jones says:

    Love your work James!

  15. JOEMODE. says:

    ……….HUGS,………..J. :O)

  16. Cecilia Fuentes Ibarburu says:

    Aesthetic is a gift, a capacity of perception and sensibility. Something that James belongs in an absolutely natural way. And the best is that he shares it and introduce in a world where all sense are open for feeling the sounds of harmonie.
    The paints of Turner touch me in a hypnotical trip. His paints are him and he is his paints, there is no limit. A close up strong expressiv and provocative. Hurtful and very honest.
    Both together… a celebration.

  17. Vicente Vazquez says:

    Dear James,

    Been checking out your blog’s updates and they rocks. Your projects are fantastic.

    Stay in touch.

  18. Turner’s wurk is HAWT! just like himself

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