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My Neighborhood

Murray Hill is one of the places where the 19th century NYC social elite chose to live, and is quite rich in architectural beauty and history. Thanks to strict zoning so much of the charm of the area has been preserved. Now it is a relatively quite place, almost a non-area, and not terribly popular, but it is right in the middle of New York City and affords easy access to all this amazing city has to offer. One of my great pleasures is taking my whippets Rupert and Nigel on a leisurely stroll to appreciate this splendid neighborhood.

James Andrew with his dogs, Rupert and Nigel

James Andrew with his whippets, Rupert and Nigel

I’m pictured here in front of J.P. Morgan’s imposing Italianate brownstone wearing a black linen denim jacket with black suede elbow patches by Gucci, Tom Ford shirt in lavender end on end cotton with french cuffs and contrast white collar, vintage moonstone cufflinks, pocket square in lavender cotton Glenn plaid by Tom Ford, white skinny jeans by Diesel, black patent leather belt with silver leather trim and grommets, and black, white and silver leather loafers both by Gucci.


  1. Maia* says:

    Have you ever considered doing an occasional feature on what you think the ladies should be wearing? AKA Whatjamesthinksyoushouldbewearing.com.

  2. Paul Pincus says:

    you’re so right about murray hill’s architectural beauty! gorgeous portrait of you and the pups in front of the morgan.


  3. Jerry Kraft says:

    Love the pic and the dogs. Very cool.

  4. kimberly coop says:

    Ok love the Gucci shoes and they match great with ur two darling whippets!!! I want to meet them both. Keep wearing the Tom Ford I want Gucci to bring him back on their team…

  5. Shari says:

    Love your style and the fact that you also have 2 lovely whippets as I do, you’re in like Flynn!!!!

  6. Shani says:

    I was just walking through Murray Hill on Tuesday enjoying the architecture. It was so lovely, and great stroll during my visit. I stopped for a glass of wine and a salad at Salute and just felt that the neighborhood was wonderful. Happy Weekend!

  7. Kristjan says:

    looks like a fancy neighborhood:) very nice, indeed…you have cool cloth and style, James, looking good my man!

  8. Shira says:

    What I’d really like to know is, come cool weather, what do your whippets wear?

  9. Tintin says:

    “…almost a non- area. Not terribly popular” God, I pray it stays that way.

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