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Modern and Classic by Mallett

Mallett has been a major antiques house with an eye for exceptional design since 1865. Among its many distinguished clients, Mallett has supplied the Victoria & Albert Museum in London as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City with rare works of art from the past. With their new Meta line they have begun to build collections for the future, a good example being the “Ivo_3” table by Hani Rashid pictured here – a modern piece from the Meta collection, constructed of Imperial Tula steel and slumped glass top. This design works quite beautifully with a German 18th century Japanned bureau-cabinet.

Admiring how seamlessly these two spectacular pieces live together I am wearing a red leather Gucci motorcycle jacket, purple and white cotton striped shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs by Gucci, Seaman Schepps cufflinks are black pearl and white gold, black wool flannel pant, silver chain link belt and black and white silk mini hounds tooth tie all by Gucci, Dior silver leather sneakers and sunglasses, black leather tote by Gucci.


  1. Shani says:

    Good morning! I just headed over here from All the Best and am loving this blog! When I saw the Ivo_3 table I immediately pictured it in a snowy white living room with red accents and floor to ceiling windows. Maybe that’s the room I want to be in this morning. I look forward to keeping up with you!


    (aka “Camille”)

  2. Dale Slamma says:

    James I am wondering why you are often carrying an enormous bag. What large things are carrying with you all the time?

  3. Alex says:

    Love how that vase/urn seems to simply hover above the Meta table – very cool effect.

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