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Michelangelo at The Met

James Andrew at the Met. photo by Dylan Armajani

James Andrew at the Met. photo by Dylan Armajani

I was recently thrilled to receive an invitation from the Ambassador of France, His Excellency Pierre Vimont, to attend a cocktail reception at the Met celebrating the very generous loan by the French government of Michelangelo’s “The Young Archer.”

At the turn of the century Mr. and Mrs. Payne Whitney commissioned Stanford White to design their Manhattan residence at 972 Fifth Avenue and subsequently White used this figure as part of a fountain he designed for the entrance hall. There it remained for decades and eventually it came under new ownership when the property was purchased for the Cultural Services office of the French Embassy in 1952. No one took any great interest in the statue until 1990 when Metropolitan Museum Curator, James David Draper publish its whereabouts. In 1997 New York University professor Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt’s attributed the statue to the young Michelangelo which caused quite a stir, but the attribution has been championed by Draper and is accepted by many scholars.

The French Government was a bit unsure at first what to do with this rediscovered treasure, which is said to be one of Michelangelo’s earliest works, but decided the Met would be the place for it, and has generously loaned it out for the next 10 years so that we may all enjoy it.

For this wonderful reception (and with The Young Archer pictured at my left) I’m wearing my gorgeous Gucci Tyrolean suit in a charcoal cashmere tweed with black leather piping, Tom Ford black and white stripe shirt with french cuffs and silk/cashmere plaid tie in purple, black and white, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, Gucci silver chain link belt and Yves Saint Laurent aubergine suede “Eton” boots.


  1. A. says:

    Congratulations, and you look good as always!

  2. Dean says:

    J, Exquisite !


  3. your biggest fan says:

    grey is your color! you look fantastic!

  4. Paper Doll says:

    The tyrolean suit by Gucci is beautiful, I think this one is my favorite outfit!

  5. Eugenia Drummond says:

    The young archer is really something special, would love to see it, the french government was really generous!



  6. Secret Admirer says:

    You look like a marble figure too 😉

  7. Edie B. says:

    we had a fountain with a marble figure too, I used to sit at the terrace and read my books there…….



  8. Super Trooper says:

    I´m sure the cocktail reception was great, did you have a lovely time there?


  9. Daniel says:

    That suit is stunning James!

  10. Muy agradecida says:

    brilliant! I think the MET is the right place!

  11. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    I think the young archer would look lovely at home, I will ask the french governmet to give it to me for the next 10 years 😉


  12. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Hallo mein Lieber,

    Das ist ja nett von der französischen Regierung…….so was würde ich auch gerne zu Hause haben, Ich finde Jackie´s Kommentar ganz lustig.

    Du siehst super aus!

    Liebe Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  13. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    Dear James,

    You look very chic with your tyrolean suit, I´m sure you were the most elegant person of the cocktail 😉



  14. Tobias says:

    Hey you! Love your blog. You obviously like what you do a lot and that is fantastic. Take care!

  15. Sabrina Johnson says:

    Wow you are so lucky to live in NY, South Carolina is not that interesting!

  16. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Also ich beneide Dich mein lieber James, Du hast die ganze Zeit Cocktails and Parties, Du führst ein interessantes Leben! NY ist ja toll, ich sitze hier am Schreibtisch…….

    Wünsche Dir einen sehr schönen Nachmittag

    Marie Freiin von Spiering

  17. Lil´Lilly says:

    It sounds fantastic James, I would love to have a real Michelangelo at home! You look absolutely handsome!

    always yours,


  18. hey james! why is the photo so noisy!!! it was dark there? i loved your clothes

  19. Tom Cavendish says:

    This is so cool!

  20. DH says:

    Once again I am inspired by you!

  21. Gina says:

    I’m thinking you look better than that poor statue 🙂 The shoes go beautifully with the grey and that suit is great….perfect fabric and perfect cut.. 🙂

  22. Christopher says:

    The Interiors of the Stanford White house are Landmarked….
    specifically the front hall where the sculpture came from, therefore the sculpture can technically NOT be removed from NYC, or sent to France.

  23. Bruno says:

    I don’t really know how to qualify that outfit…You’re so elegant James!!

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