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Mercedes Benz G55 AMG – Town

James Andrew and Mercedes G55 AMG

James Andrew and Mercedes G55 AMG

Driving in New York City can be very challenging if not outright traumatic. Thankfully, the fact that the Mercedes G55 AMG was originally designed for NATO makes it the perfect choice for driving here. The magnificent maneuverability of the G55 and quick off the light acceleration easily puts aggressive drivers and other obstacles well behind you and enormous vented brakes moderated by Mercedes’ top notch brake assist definitely creates a safer world for the more than occasional jay-walker. It goes without saying that pot-holes and snow are no problem with its high performance suspension and all wheel traction control (am I starting to sound too much like a car salesmen?). In any case it’s no wonder that so many militaries and embassies have selected the gorgeous G-Series “Gelaendewagon” as their conveyance of choice. Its a brilliantly versatile machine – stylish enough for a hop to the Four Seasons, and rugged enough for a demanding drive through the Adirondacks.

Taking a quick spin in town, I’m sporting a smashing forest green leather “bomber” jacket and wool plaid pant in charcoals, teals, forest and blues both by Gucci, lavender end on end cotton shirt with french cuffs and contrast white collar by Tom Ford, Seaman Schepps cuff links are black pearls, purple alligator belt with sterling buckle by Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent black leather “Eton” loafers and sunglasses are Dior.


  1. Paul says:

    Hi James,

    Very stylish, but what’s the fuel consumption of that Chelsea tractor?


  2. A. says:

    Love the new car, James!

  3. love the car, you look awesome 🙂
    keep doing it james! you rock! haaha
    see you this week

  4. faze says:

    You can never go wrong with the g55

    its like a berkin always in style.

    p.s. the jacket rocks ! 🙂

  5. Designed for NATO is definitely good enough for James!
    The purple belt is eye candy.

    ps: I’ve just noticed on your page~Thank you so much, I’m so honored to be on your blogroll, with such great-fabulous company…adore Mr Peacock as well!

    ~Great evening*
    xo as always

  6. James I’m in love with your car… Funny to see you’re enjoying one of my dream toys since so many years 🙂 Must say, it suits you! Cheers!

    PS: Du bist ein hervorragender Botschafter der deutschen Automobilindustrie ;))

  7. Justin Black says:

    Marvelous post James! The architecture, design, and wardrobe are perfect.
    Leather, Glass, and Steel!

  8. Abraham V. says:

    Hey James!

    Your look is great, but absolutely, i love yours wool plaid pant!!!

  9. Jane Ellenborough says:

    You look so sexy!!!

  10. Monaco Girl says:

    You could be pictured with my red monaco too!

  11. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear James,

    I love the picture, you look great with the G55 and the building behind you…….



  12. Christiane von Könemann says:

    I have a jaguar and really adore it but I would love to make a G55 drive test 😉

    You look so handsome!



  13. Lola Montes says:

    Luces fantástico mi querido, y ese SUV es perfecto para tí! debe ser toda una experiencia manejarlo en NY!

  14. Paper Doll says:


  15. Pearl Hammond says:

    I´m really considering to buy one!

  16. Maria La Torre says:

    es una magnífica locación la que escogiste! te ves fantástico!

    muchos besos!

  17. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Mein lieber James, was für ein schönes Foto! Du siehst super aus, lass mich wissen wenn Du Südamerika besuchst, ich würde mich sehr freuen Dich als Gast zu haben!

    Alles liebe

    Baronin Mara

  18. Yo soy elegante says:

    Me encanta, cada día me demuestras que eres maravilloso!

  19. Maria da Gloria says:



    Maria da Gloria

  20. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    I already ordered mine!



  21. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    I think G55 AMG is the best choice!



  22. Eugenia Drummond says:

    There are lots of G55´s driving across Brazil! I love them!

    you look so handsome darling, you look like a movie star!

    love from Brazil


  23. Three says:


    Me encanta tu coche James, es una pasada el G55- AMG. Y tu siempre guapo y maravilloso!!!


  24. Bruno says:

    Wow what a car! I’m sure it’s all the more a pleasure to drive than you’re sitting in a great car as this one!

  25. work that g55 and purple belt, luvey !

  26. Insulted says:

    As a long time reader, I’m sad to see you’ve started doing what is presumably paid advertising for products. This, and your last post sound like badly put-together press releases.

    What is James Selling Today?

  27. James Andrew says:

    Dear Insulted,

    First off, thank you for your concern.

    If you have been following WIJW for a while it must be pretty clear that I share things and subjects that I actually enjoy.

    Sadly WIJW wasn’t compensated for the G55 piece as you have suggested (though we wouldn’t mind a nice cheque!). Your comment does however bring up a valid issue facing many sites on the net that provide free content like ours does.

    The question is why don’t you think bloggers should produce income for/from their efforts? After all, this is free and hopefully entertaining content. Any enterprise requires funding – that is just part of the program – and certainly other forms of more traditional media have journalists and photographers and printers etc etc that make salaries and those salaries come primarily from paid advertisers, yet we tend to not question the validity of what they are sharing. So why the double standard?

    We’ve promoted, mostly through our own resources and funding, many many people and products here with great success, and it gives us great pleasure to continue to do so while sharing our own WIJW aesthetic! – If the number of visits we get is any indication, we must be creating more than a bit of joy for our readership in the process as well.

    Thanks for writing in and we at WIJW look forward to a continued dialogue on these particularly 21st century issues!

    Very Best to all!


  28. Ally Coulter says:

    Dear James,

    I am always inspired by your work, your style, your edit, and quite frankly your amazing positive energy. You give all you have to your blog, inspiring and educating so many people. Personally, I know this is not easy, and yet you make it look fun and effortless. So I say to hell with the negative aspect. I know you have standards and I know you have integrity that could not be bought and paid for. Thank you for your time, your energy, your humor, and your
    joie de vivre!
    Much love and respect,

  29. Dean says:

    James, Great response. Keep up the good work !

    Dean (mercedes lover)

  30. James, I must agree entirely with your response to ‘offended.’

    Having read your blog from day one and as a fellow blogger myself in addition to my work as a photographer, I haven’t found your recent posts to be out of character at all.

    It’s strange to think that any topic should be off-limits and certainly fine automobiles are just as aesthetically interesting as anything else.

    Despite the obvious decline of print media, especially over the past year, it is no surprise that blogs remain popular. You and I have seen our readership expand over the past year to include people on every continent and nearly every country on earth. Blogs now command the readership numbers that were once the sole domain of print magazines, and these readers crave interesting stories. Your entries are perpetually interesting, and regardless of the subject matter, your aesthetic shines through.

    While I know that you & I don’t make any money specifically from our blog entries, there are many bloggers who do. I see nothing wrong with this either, as bloggers often possess the same journalistic prowess as anyone in the print sector. Often commanding even greater and more loyal audiences than their print colleagues, bloggers are certainly entitled to make money off their writing.

    I much prefer, as I know you do, to write about topics which I am passionate about, rather than simply commissioned to write about as many print journalists are. Frankly, I think the foray into automotive writing is a brilliant move that will attract even more readers.

  31. Brad Sumner says:

    This IS an interesting issue, and I enjoy the breadth of your coverage – whatever the subject.

  32. Sharon says:


    I totally agree with the points that you made in your letter to “Insulted”.
    I wish that Mercedes had given you a big, fat check! You deserve it!

    Best –

  33. Ahmed says:

    Wow… I have Dior sunglasses, I love Gucci anything in leather (have their boots and shoes), have a bomber jacket (incredible leather made in italy for Ferrari), Ralph Lauren boots AND I JUST bought the EXACT same car with same color!!!

  34. James Andrew says:

    Hello Ahmed,

    Great minds think alike!

    So happy to hear- this is one of my favorite cars.



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