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Mercedes Benz G55 AMG – Country

James Andrew and Mercedes G55 AMG

James Andrew and Mercedes G55 AMG

What we drive is another opportunity to celebrate our personal style! And when it comes to haute automotive design, well, Mercedes consistently sets the bar.

I’ve always been partial to the sporty elegance of a select group of SUVs for on the job capacity as well as for the more casual country jaunt with friends. Needless to say, at the top of my list was the Mercedes G55 AMG. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of those exceptional designs that has remained virtually unchanged for more than twenty-five years. Of course ours here is equipped with the absolute latest advancements, guaranteeing the unmatched level of performance one would expect from such an iconic manufacturer – in fact this limited edition G55 AMG handcrafted German/Austrian built uber-machine, with a 469hp supercharged engine capable of propelling one from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, will surely deliver a bit more than one expects – and sorry to wax on here about performance, but its really quite a powerful thing to experience one’s slightest whim translated to immediate, assured, and boundless action.

What may not be evident in the photo (above) is that the finish is a brilliant twist on a traditional British Racing Green – This complex color called “Verde Brook” is a black/green/brown that looks just as handsome in the dappled sun of the country as it does in the cool shadow of the city. As you know by now if you are one of our avid WIJW readers, the melding of classic design meets 21st century totally exemplifies my aesthetic – indeed this lovely Mercedes is a perfect fit.

I’m pictured here on a treasure hunt outside the city at the idyllic Ellen Ward Scarborough Antiques estate picking out some wonderful objects to bring back to the city. Dressed for my country excursion, I’m wearing a wool tweed topcoat in browns, rusty orange and forest and olive greens, a khaki cotton safari style shirt, cashmere/silk plaid scarf, cognac micro corduroy pant, python belt with silver double horse head buckle and brown leather “Chelsea” boots all by Gucci – sunglasses are KVA for Oliver Peoples.


  1. Dean says:

    James, love this ! Perfect for a New York decorator.


  2. Monaco Girl says:

    I prefer my red Monaco but this Mercedes really appeals to you!


  3. Christian Fuchs says:

    What a perfect composition everything works perfectly, you, the SUV, and the landscape, I really like it!



  4. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Mein lieber James,

    Dieses Foto gefällt mir sehr gut, Du siehst umwerfend schön aus! Dieses Auto passt perfekt zu Dir!

    Alles Liebe

    Deine Christiane

  5. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Dearest James,

    Mercedes is my favorite car! I had a classic one 64 it was black outside with red interior! I miss him so much!

    you look fantastic!

    Marie von Spiering

  6. Boden Wells Stephenson says:

    Dearest James,

    You’re the epitome of Town & Country chic circa “best of the 80s”, but too chic for that rag. I love the shot. Speaking of shots, let’s go skeet shooting!

    Really, you outdo.



  7. Paper Doll says:

    I would love to drive this mercedes SUV, I´m sure it´s a unique experience!

  8. Maria La Torre says:

    Hola James,

    Luces fantástico con ese atuendo, todo es perfecto, maravillosa fotografía, me encantaría dar un paseo contigo y recorrer los maravillosos lugares que muestras!



  9. Lola Montes says:

    Querido James,

    No me podía imaginar que anduvieras en un auto que no fuera mercedes, tú siempre tan elegante!



  10. Super Trooper says:

    You look fantastic! and the mercedes SUV really rocks!

  11. Yo soy elegante says:

    te ves muy elegante James!

  12. Johann Graf von Auersperg says:

    Dearest James,

    You are so elegant, I really love your style, this picture is awesome……. I have a G55 too, it is so classy 😉



  13. Lil´Lilly says:

    You really look amazing, this is my favorite care you know…….

  14. Edie B. says:

    Wow, this G55 AMG is really amazing, there´s enough room for me, mother and all our cats and racoons!



  15. Secret Admirer says:

    You are unique!

  16. Maria da Gloria says:

    I absolutely ADORE it, this must be really a new sensation!

  17. Martin Doolittle says:

    I would love to drive this wonderful machine! you are such an example of class and high standards of living!



  18. Jackie@Dollhouse says:

    I want a pink one to park it in the front of my beautiful dollhouse! i

  19. What can I do for you? says:

    Can I drive it for you?

    it´s excellent as always James!


  20. Jane Ellenborough says:

    c´est magnfique!

  21. Holly O says:

    The ever-lovely G-Wagon….
    That cashmere/silk scarf better be blowing in the wind when you’re driving it!

  22. Justin Black says:

    Intelligent style

    Standing lord of this country manor, James Andrew perfectly plays his wardrobe fusing classic style, Mercedes-Benz design, and a timeless estate.

    Never out of place James Andrew is New York’s Style Archetype.

  23. Maia* says:

    That scarf is AMAZING. Christmas present ideas for the boyf. Thanks, James.

  24. Ahmed says:

    Is this the same car as in the NY pic? Same color? Got color issues 🙂 The NY one is green or brown?

  25. James Andrew says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    This complex color called “Verde Brook” is a black/green/brown- so yes it is brown and green- depending on the light.



  26. Ahmed says:

    James, I must pick your b…. well, taste, on this one… is this a nice color? It’s a limited edition, they say…

  27. James Andrew says:

    Hello Ahmed,

    Yes it is quite nice- not sure I have seen it in person.



  28. Amazing James!
    I love this Mercedes Benz. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Dean says:

    Edwina and Pats love it too!

  30. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Cheers and All Best


  31. James Andrew says:

    Dear Muzammil Hussain,

    My Great Pleasure!

    This Mercedes is a Classic in every sense of the word!

    All Best


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